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“That’s one in three ticks now carrying moncler outlet ny Lyme – Taronews

“That’s one in three ticks now carrying moncler outlet ny Lyme

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moncler outlet online Manisha Kulkarni, an epidemiologist with the University of Ottawa and one of two researchers conducting the study, “it was just under 30%.”That’s one in three ticks now carrying moncler outlet ny Lyme disease. The researchers conducted the study, dragging for ticks in our parks and on our trails.The worst areas were in moncler outlet mall the woods along the Ottawa River and western Greenbelt.”It’s a good indication for us that ticks are widespread across the city,” says Dr. Kulkarni, “and so people should be aware when entering a woodland area along the Greenbelt and the Ottawa River that ticks can be in our environment and to take precautions to avoid tick bites.”This is Thanksgiving weekend and a lot of people will be out on trails taking moncler jackets kids advantage of the beautiful fall weather moncler outlet online.