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talons of great horned owl spell trouble – Taronews

talons of great horned owl spell trouble

WEST MICHIGAN The foot and talons of a great horned owl found as police conducted a search warrant were just the beginning of problems for two people in West Michigan.

Police discovered the owl parts at a residence as they investigated a check fraud case. The owl was located when local deputies were conducting a search warrant in an illegal check fraud case. The two subjects have fled the state and are currently at large somewhere in Florida.

CO Gary Raak responded to a complaint of illegal waterfowl hunting activity in Allegan

County where it was reported a Canada goose had been shot out of season. The investigation revealed the goose had landed on an adjacent pond and the subject had

shot it with a .243 rifle while attending a party where the rest of the attendees where

shooting recreationally at clay targets. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Steve Converse responded to a complaint of numerous deer parts and heads being found at a rental property. The CO was able to locate several suspects through

evidence found in the remains. CO Converse conducted numerous interviews which

led to charges being sought through the prosecutor office for the illegal killing of an eight point buck shot at night from a motor vehicle, the taking of a sub legal buck in an antler point restriction county, and the illegal taking of an antlerless deer from the wrong Deer Management Unit (DMU). canada goose uk Further investigations will continue on several other recovered deer.

CO Jeff Ginn responded to a complaint of shots fired just before dark one evening.

With the assistance of local deputies, they were able to locate the suspect vehicle and

execute a traffic stop. CO Ginn located and seized an uncased firearm from the vehicle

and determined that the suspects involved had been shooting at rabbits from the vehicle during the closed season. The investigation also revealed that they had trespassed when they attempted to locate the rabbits and had recklessly discharged the firearm within the safety zone of one residence where several children were playing in the yard. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Angela Greenway was working a busy section of the Pere Marquette River with

ongoing trespass issues. After watching one angler trespassing, CO Greenway

contacted the subject and observed the subject appeared nervous and had stuffed

something into his waders upon the CO approach. While talking with the subject, a strong odor of marijuana was detected. When questioned about the marijuana, the subject admitted to it and turned over his supply. Enforcement action was taken.