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Taronews – Pagina 129 – Notizie e immagini dalla Valtaro e Valceno

Addobbo Albero di Natale Piazza del Comune 16 11 2013

Borgo Val di Taro PR Piazza del Comune Addobbo Albero di Natale Scuole Elementari Centro di Brunelli Vigili del Fuoco Volontari di Borgotaro PR Lunedì 16-12-2013 Borgo Val di Taro PR Piazza del Comune Addobbo Albero di Natale Scuole Elementari Centro di Brunelli Vigili del Fuoco Volontari di Borgotaro PR Interviste Lunedì 16-12-2013

Borgo Val di Taro Eventi Interviste

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Kits will be delivered with the help of volunteers. Already, 4,500 kits have been distributed at Muvattupuzha, while around 2,000 have been delivered by Anbodu Kochi, a voluntary organisation. So far, over 15,000 kits have been prepared at the Thrikkakara community hall, which is the main collection and distribution centre for relief materials in the […]


Despite his loss of mobility

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Diretta 21.12 Mistrello e Dintorni l’Abate Manara 21-12-2013

Mistrello e Dintorni l’Abate Manara 21-12-2013


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Local parents are also enthusiastic and some have joined as

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