Premio Pini 2013 alla Biblioteca Manara Borgotaro 28-12-2013

CONSEGNA DEL PREMIO ALLA CULTURA “ULISSE ED ESTER PINI” al Pio Istituto Manara 28-12-2013 Per Ascoltare tutta la consegna del premio aprire il file mp3 Premio Pini Biblioteca 28-12-2013 Borgo Val di Taro PR Biblioteca Manara Consegnato il Premio Ulisse ed Ester Pini 2013 alla Biblioteca Manara Sabato 28-12-2013 Borgo Val di Taro PR Biblioteca […]

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70 ° del Combattimento di Natale del 1943 Osacca di Bardi PR 24-12-2013

Osacca 24 dicembre 19943 Non sembri strano se, per inquadrare convenientemente lo scontro di Osacca, mi sono servito, come in una specie di collage, della parte introdut­tiva di testimonianze scritte o narrazioni dell’episodio fatte da altri. Il fatto è che mi è subito parso evidente come da questi scritti risaltassero, efficace­mente descritte e delineate, quelle […]

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Concerto di Natale Banda e Coro Chiesa Sant’ Antonino 23 12 2013

Concerto di Natale Banda e Coro Chiesa Sant’ Antonino23 12 2013 Borgo Val di Taro PR Chiesa di Sant’Antonino Concerto di Natale Banda di Borgotaro e Fornovo Coro Chiesa di Sant’ Antonino 23-12-2013

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Evelyn Handel, director of the drugs and biologics programs at

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And if you want to get in on the ground floor

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“Squeeze the bar as hard as you can,” says Patmore. “You want to try and snap the bar in two!” Sounds a bit drastic, but hulking out has its advantages. This sort of tension is designed to activate your muscles, so keep taut at the top of a lift rather than letting your joints take […]


I guess we were very comfortable in each others company

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Texting can be an easy way out for a man who has commitment issues: he doesn have to meet up or call, he can just deluge you with texts. For him, there is a distance between the two of you, and he under no pressure to call this a relationship. For some men, texting is […]


The Tyrod Taylor midseason benching fiasco put the Bills in

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We achieve being through doing

For your friend I recommend my favorite assault Mech: the Stalker. Armed with a metric fuckton of laser and missiles hardpoints this beast will unleash hell and fury upon your enemys and will cause so much heat your heatsinks will gather and protest against the abuse. It also got a lot of armor and good […]