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One becomes old when one stops laughing – Taronews

One becomes old when one stops laughing

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It all started with a not so young lady offering me her seat for a three minute bus ride to the aircraft. My God, do I look so old, I thought to myself. I had been offering a seat to others for decades and now the boot is on the other foot! Last month, my driving licence was renewed for only five years, instead of 10. The premium for my overseas travel insurance was doubled (a privilege for senior citizens). A well meaning relative advised of investments. canada goose parka At work, I was asked to recommend a smart, intelligent, industrious neurosurgeon some fortyish, for an opening!! Should I read between the lines? My children bombard me with is enough, you have taken night calls for 38 years time that you started enjoying life. Why is there a perception that a senior citizen cannot a 100 hour week and revel in life? Just 2000 years ago, life expectancy was 28. Today, Shakespeare certainly would not have inscribed: sixth age shifts: sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

In developed countries, life expectancy is 83. Every sixth individual in Japan is an octogenarian. According to WHO, those born in 2030 in developed countries could become centenarians. A life span of 125 in the next century may not be impossible. In just 15 years, every fifth Chennaite will be over sixty. How do you communicate to those around you that the process and concept of getting is not what it was.

is a state of one mind! Middle age to me has never been static it is info one current age plus five! The most significant aspect of ageing is one attitude. A glass can be viewed half full or half empty. My late father at 93 would literally jump with joy, every time Sachin dispatched the ball to the ropes. Of course, he would also switch of TV when the ball hit the wicket. Life in the seventh decade and beyond requires a raison d Centenarians are active optimists, with a sense of humour, coping skills and a strong sense of purpose. One does not stop laughing when one becomes old; one becomes old, because one stops laughing. As one wag put it, is not the years in your life that count, but the life in your years. The traditional view has been that wear and tear causes ageing. Markedly different life spans in species, with similar wear and tear, suggest otherwise. The Canada goose lives for 23 years but its kin, the emperor goose, only six years. Engineers know that devices do not age. They function reliably but instantly when a critical component fails. Complex machines have multiple layers of redundancy with backup systems, and backup systems for the backup systems. Is that why we have an extra kidney, an extra lung, extra teeth, even extra copies of a gene? Longevity is significantly (25%) based on one Methuselah gene (Methuselah is a Biblical personality 969 years old). Modifying this gene increased the life span of the Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) 30 times. The genome of Homo sapiens does overlap the genome of the fruit fly, so who knows! The DNA of centenarians suggests that for those with the Methuselah gene a master check up is less important.

Epilogue: Chivalry not being dead, I accepted the seat in the bus, deciding not to dye my hair or get a Botox job but to capitalise on my new status as a junior senior citizen. After all, middle age is when your age starts to show around your middle. There is no old age. He puts it simply and sweetly. No medical jargon to confuse and complicate. I am at that age, where now I don't turn around if someone shouts “Uncle” or be offended on being offered a seat. I have discovered that being around playgrounds, where children and adults play is invigorating. You can quietly do a sprint or a jog in their presence to impress! Next, when I need to play with my young nephew, I drop guard and adult inhibitions to look and sound funny and generally try to regress! Aging with grace and an acceptance, but continuing to do the things we like, should keep us joyfully and gainfully engaged.

Posted on: Jul 3, 2012 at 10:39 IST

You grow old the moment you cease have puposeful living. Your daughters are married off and your sons have gone to the USA what's next? Travel and discovery can engage you for a while, visiting temples and listening to katha kaleshebams helps. Thing about a cause that will change the world for better and get passionately involved in it working in a team of like minded people. This engagement is what will keep you young.

Posted on: Jul 2, 2012 at 23:33 IST

Like it or not, one must accept adjust with age; keep cool and confident attitude try keep yrself well occupied with some hobby reading, writing notes (like Dr ours may not get published !) and enjoy company in society; do not be stressed on ageing; work one must give up, to yield place to next generation; no matter how expert you are, memory does decline, and neuro specialists are NO exception; science advances so rapidly that they cannot keep pace with it; I read many articles on brain in scientific american and other magazines, sendinputs to my doctor freind Neurologist India, for his update ! Please live in comfort of body and mind, do put up with some problems and NOT unduly worry Time does take its toll. He was in a Position to interact even with very young children during his life throughout, and this was Possible because he could step into the shoes of all irrespective of their age, and they could develop strong bonds with him on a permanent basis. That was a marvelous trait and I have tried to imitate him, to become closer to others in life. http://www.gooseonsale.top Look at the esteemed former President of India. Even after laying down the highest office in India, he is still the hero of Millions in this country, and he is following the pathway of GREATNESS TO GREATNESS to the envy of many in Indua and abroad. If we are determined to be young in spirits, it is in our interests and those around info us.

Posted on: Jul 1, 2012 at 17:49 IST

A nice article Dr. Ganapathy, written with great humor and narration.

Enjoyed it and found the information useful. Interesting to see that a Neurosurgeon (considered one of the most successful people in our societies) goes through such personal emotions and thinking of every day man. I may start to show my middle age in the middle (and trying my best to reverse it with diet and exercise), but I am determined not to stop laughing and not to grown old if I can help it, qualitatively.