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Nobody cares,” he told his mother in their final conversation, – Taronews

Nobody cares,” he told his mother in their final conversation,

COP Wilfahrt sits 6 kilometers from Kandahar. To his buddies, it is not named for a gay soldier, but for one who fought with valor.”Mom, everyone knows. Nobody cares,” he told his mother in their final conversation, a phone call from Afghanistan on Thanksgiving.In a biography he left on his laptop, Andrew described himself as someone who “espoused casual solipsism, the idea that ultimately one can know only oneself and nothing more.”Although close to my parents and siblings, I generally prefer solitude and introspection, and have but few close associates,” he wrote.”I have maintained ‘bachelor status’ with the strictest of discipline, and a discipline I secretly wish would be compromised by a charming beauty.”Andrew never denied his sexuality.

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