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Miami Dolphins Throwback Jersey Debuts Monday – Taronews

Miami Dolphins Throwback Jersey Debuts Monday

Contact Us,The Miami Dolphins will take on the New York Giants on Monday Night Football next week, but with the team all but totally mathematically eliminated from the playoffs there’s not much riding on the game but bragging rights. Yet, Dolphins fans are more excited than usual. Why? Because the team will playing in throwback jerseys modeled after their classic look.

The Dolphins unveiled their new jerseys and logo back in 2013. With a heavy emphasis on sleek aqua and white, they kind of looked like the team was sponsored by a fluoride toothpaste brand. cheap jerseys Orange was downgraded to little more than a supporting accent. Fan reaction was more or less “meh,” and it hasn’t helped that the team hasn’t exactly succeeded in the three seasons since making the switch.

Well, the throwback jerseys, designed to pay respect to the Fins’ inaugural 1966 season, are ready to go for Monday night and fans are going wild. hope we can wear them again. I going petition for us to wear them again after this game.”

cool uniforms, quarterback Ryan Tannehill said. did a photo shoot in them in the summer, got to see them and put them on. I was excited.

So fans are excited! Players are excited! I think that really leaves us with one option: bring back the Dolphins’ old jersey scheme!

Because these really aren’t throwback jerseys. They’re slightly tweaked versions of what a current Dolphins jersey might have looked like if Stephen Ross didn’t remake the team as the toothpaste squad back in 2013.