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I readily admit to not having the perspective or experience to – Taronews

I readily admit to not having the perspective or experience to

How much did PSLE score affect your life

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Job postings > /r/sgjobsI wrote a paper canadian goose jacket in uni as one of my assignments, canada goose black Canada Goose Outlet friday sale on the effects goose outlet canada of PSLE on a person’s life. So I went out and Canada Goose Parka interviewed canada goose factory outlet canada goose coats on sale people in different walks cheap canada goose uk of canada goose outlet shop life. The answer is no canada goose coats and yes.

To put it simply, no because some people are late canada goose outlet bloomers, so they may not have canada goose outlet canada done well in primary school, canada goose uk black friday but were able to excel in secondary school. Yes because of canada goose jacket outlet the company you keep. If you continually hang out canada goose canada goose jacket outlet toronto factory with people who are Canada Goose Online uninterested in studying, then it’s likely you would be too.

As for me, my PSLE score wasn’t great, barely got me canada goose outlet uk into express stream. I canada goose outlet nyc wouldn’t cheap Canada Goose say buy canada goose jacket I’m doing ridiculously well now, after canada goose all just a fresh grad, but quite decent lah. I’m doing slightly better than my peers who scored better than me for PSLE, and were canada goose factory sale in better classes in secondary school. But it’s just the start of our careers and the canada goose clearance road is long, so who knows man.

Since you canada goose outlet reviews mentioned canadagooseuk.net canada goose outlet uk sale you’re canada goose uk outlet sec 2, I would say that o levels is really more important. PSLE is really quite insignificant. i of the opinion that if you don score well for PSLE the gap will only widen (though not entirely to an uncrossable chasm) when you compete again with the rest of Singapore at the canada goose uk shop next national exam. the gap is apparent even when you compare a regular neighbourhood school to one of those more branded neighbourhood schools and even more so when you compare literally Canada Goose online any other school to the elite schools.

it not just uk canada goose outlet the crowd you roll with but the quality of education and school support Canada Goose sale as well. more branded schools generally have greater resources to hothouse their students with. these resources can come in the form of generally having a school environment overall (more facilities etc), more experienced canada goose outlet online canada goose black friday sale staff or just more budget for canada goose outlet parka enrichment activities.

the system really fucks over late bloomers as a result of its unforgiving nature and vigorous academic streaming leading to an ever increasing gap.

then again idk. I readily admit to not having the perspective or experience to give a full or accurate perspective of canada goose outlet store uk this unlike some of the canada goose store other more tenured adults in this post.

It was a terrible bloody experience. I was always the top 10 in class not because canada goose outlet black friday I got distinction for most of my subjects, it is because I PASSED all of my subjects. My sec 3 canada goose outlet in usa physics teacher was caught placing hidden cams in the girls toilet (it came out in the papers,police were involved). I pity my discipline master as he became completely bald Canada Goose Coats On Sale in the 4 years i have been in that school. U get the point. Shit doesn help when the students are just as fked up as the school.

So in a nutshell canada goose outlet new york city I canada goose clearance sale would buy canada goose jacket cheap say, PSLE is important for u uk canada goose if u want a wholesome sec school life according to my post sec school friends. On the other hand, canada goose outlet store it isn important in the long run coz O lvls is 100 times more important. canada goose outlet online uk Focus on that Canada Goose Jackets first n no use crying over spilled milk if u think u scored official canada goose outlet badly for PSLE.

I was from Normal Academic. During lower secondary, some of my classmates got promoted to express and one of them even took triple science, now they are in jc year 2 doing A levels. Some express students (with good PSLE score ) got demoted to NA.

Some of my classmates NA batchmates including myself, took N levels and did canada goose outlet sale Os in sec 5. A few made it to the top canada goose outlet jackets JCs and the rest went to poly.