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Her partner also ran towards the vehicle – Taronews

Her partner also ran towards the vehicle

Along the same lines, a scholar interested in Lomax’s use of technology to analyze folk songs could examine how his ideas and notational methods developed over the sixty years covered here. In “Saga of a Folksong Hunter” (1960), Lomax describes how he benefited from advances in field recording technology, from the Dictaphone and disc recorder that facilitated his early collection trips in the 1930s and 40s, to the portable electric recording device that enabled his work in Europe in the 1950s. In “Folk Song Style: Notes on a Systematic Approach to the Study of Folk Song” (1956) and “Song Structure and Social Structure” (1962), Lomax outlines the ideas that would animate his comparative study of world music and dance styles, developed later in “Choreometrics: A Method for the Study of Cross Cultural Pattern in Film” (1969) and “Cinema, Science and Cultural Renewal” (1973).

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