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For me it means the human distinction is that we get to choose – Taronews

For me it means the human distinction is that we get to choose

You can read Yen Rong descriptionof the talk, which is pretty similarexcept sees herself as an Asian. One quote from Yen Rong piece:Identity is important, and yes, making sure that we don’t pigeon hole ourselves into one thing, or into what others want us to be is also important. But it’s easy to say that ‘Asian isn’t official canada goose outlet an identity’ when you haven’t experienced what it’s like to have to confront racism (both casual and overt) in your everyday life.

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canadian goose jacket What does it mean Take your pick. For me it means the human distinction is that we get to choose and chose to go our own way, not the canada goose outlet toronto factory way of nature alone. Many theologians, not unlike the rigid thinkers in other fields, evolution excepted, of course, are locked in to rigid thought, hence rationalizing what was written millennia ago to force fit it into contemporary knowledge based on an apparent premise that what was known then was eternally true. canadian goose jacket

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