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Conversely, the B2C purchase usually involves a much higher – Taronews

Conversely, the B2C purchase usually involves a much higher

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cheap jordans online Given that we are discussing an electronic transaction, in which automation is a core element, the key to automating any process is to the data from the document.(Note: both of the above referenced sites are worth accessing in terms of statistics on B2B/B2C electronic transactions.)So the advantages of a B2B/B2C exchange is painfully obvious.Within this context, B2B and B2C transactions share similar transactional objectives in terms of outcomes including ease and speed of order submission and payment, reliable delivery and product quality, and solid support mechanisms should a problem occur at any stage of the transaction (including post delivery).Added service requirements that are indigenous to a B2B transaction (especially given the advent of P Card utilization in the corporate world) however include advanced reporting mechanisms on usage and contract compliance, catalogue maintenance, as well as rebate tracking to name just a few.That said the aspects of a B2C transaction represents the greatest opportunity for customer dissatisfaction since by its very nature it is based on subjective elements that are not normally part of a business or B2B purchase.Certainly the fact that the more nature of B2B purchases which usually involve ongoing relationships with the same group of vendors, lends itself well to a greater opportunity (and motivation) for both buyer and seller to work together to correct problems.Conversely, the B2C purchase usually involves a much higher percentage of relational exchanges between buyer and seller. Therefore the same level of motivation to work through problems with a long term perspective in mind is not likely present. Therefore the responses to a problem are far more acute and emotional.These natural transactional characteristics means that the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution to a problem is much greater within the B2B exchange, thereby lowering the overall level of dissatisfaction.Once again, I would suggest that you visit the aforementioned sites to obtain hard, statistical data on cheap jordans online the differences between B2B and B2C transactions. cheap jordans online

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