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25 Aprile 2018 Borgo Val di Taro PR

Borgo Val di Taro PR 73°Anniversario della Liberazione Il 25 aprile 2018 al Borgo La ricorrenza del 25 aprile, festa della Liberazione, ha visto come ogni anno la partecipazione numerosa di persone giunte anche da fuori. Dopo la celebrazione della Messa al Cimitero, di fronte al Sacrario ai Caduti, un lungo corteo si è mosso […]


Storia e tradizione..un 2017 da non dimenticare. Lucia Tagliavini 28-09-2017

Lucia Tagliavini Storia e tradizione..un 2017 da non dimenticare Non mi è dato sapere quando il turismo abbia fatto ingresso in Valtaro ma ho pensiero che la realizzazione della linea ferroviaria e della Stazione a Borgotaro abbia avuto molta influenza in quella che poi è diventata la nostra storia,fatta di treni,di industrie ,di laboratori artigianali […]


1° Consiglio Comunale Borgo Val di Taro PR 18-06-2016

Borgo Val di Taro PR Sala del Consiglio 1° Consiglio Comunale Sabato 18-06-2016

Alta Valtaro Borgo Val di Taro Borgotaro Eventi Interviste Uncategorized

“She’s expanded in ways no one could have anticipated

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Since key members of the Center were at a conference and could

Whatever reason the faithful now believe to official canada goose outlet be the correct one, history makes it evident canada goose outlet in usa that it was not always a tradition of the Church, it only became (a very unpopular) law in 1139. Technically, it is not even a doctrine of the Church. Even today […]


Honestly, Im a huge fan of Im A Celebrity and actually feel

canada goose Tags declan donnelly Holly Willoughby i’m a celeb See other tags Tags This Morning congratulated Holly Willoughby on her new job with a compilation of all the times she was terrified by animals We look forward to seeing her trying to cope in the jungle. By Kelly Earley Thursday 30 Aug 2018 Canada […]


Hip hop chains have box like designs

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Nagpur is a city of the Indian a state Maharastra. It is also very popular by the name of Orange City as it is a major trade centre of oranges. There are several Nagpur tourist attractions in the town of Maharashtra that you will surely enjoy. First of all, you have to be wise in […]


The only professional chroniclers whose writings haven been

Must we assume naturalism to do science?Yonatan Fishman sent me (they both philosophers, and we discussed Boudry work before; see here and here). The canada goose outlet jackets topic is of interest to both secularists and scientists: the claim that science can study only phenomena, and is powerless before supernatural ones.If you followed the science […]


This is not a new Modi, this is only a new edition of Modi to

Not a “travel” book as such, but a kind of World War II era road epic which will definitely inspire a sense of adventure. I stayed in St Petersburg, where the story is set, for about five days recently. I spent a good two of those days glued to this book. cheap air force Rikimaru […]