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Today, this unique work of art is housed in a small gated chapel within the San Martino cathedral and has a dedicated celebration, the Festival of Santa Croce (Holy Cross), held every year in mid-September. Professor Pfeiffer had, in fact, been promoting this image for many years before. Firm recording of the Veronica only begins in 1199 when two pilgrims, Gerald de Barri (Giraldus Cambrensis) and Gervase of Tilbury, made two accounts at different times of a visit to Rome, making direct reference to the existence of the Veil of Veronica. [citation needed] This image is stored in the chapel that lies behind the balcony in the southwest pier supporting the dome. Carried in a procession on 17 March by an Alicante priest, Father Villafranca, a tear sprang from the eye of the face of Christ on the veil and rain began to fall. Je kunt je cookievoorkeuren instellen met de onderstaande schakelaars. Dopo il restauro, la scultura è stata esposta in due mostre a Roma (Il Volto di Cristo, 2000-2001) e ad Arezzo (La bellezza del sacro, 2002-2003) ed è stata studiata in occasione dei convegni di Engelberg (2000) e Lucca (2001). la faccia ovest ospita in una nicchia uno dei capolavori della scultura del Civitali, San Sebastiano, in ricordo della cappella di San Sebastiano demolita per far posto al tempietto. Each member of this group is enclosed in an elaborate outer frame with a gilded metal sheet (or riza in Russian) within, in which is cut an aperture where the face appears; at the lower extreme of the face there are three points which correspond to the shape of the hair and beard. The doctor went into the church and opened the parcel containing the Veil. In 1999, German Jesuit Father Heinnrich Pfeiffer, Professor of Art History at the Pontifical Gregorian University,[20] announced at a press conference in Rome that he had found the Veil in a church of the Capuchin monastery, in the small village of Manoppello, Italy, where it had been since 1660. Intorno alla sua base, ancora il motto del Bertini. La devozione al Volto Santo si diffonde anche in alcune località del contado di Sansepolcro: nel 1472, ad esempio, Pietro del fu Giovanni della villa di San Pietro lascia 20 soldi all'opera del Volto Santo[4]. He saw the linen wrappings lying there, 7 and the cloth that had been on Jesus’ head, not lying with the linen wrappings but rolled up in a place by itself “ La festa liturgica ricorre l'ultima domenica dell'anno liturgico, solennità di Gesù Cristo Re dell'Universo. The image was studied in detail in 1969 by Colette Dufour Bozzo, who dated the outer frame to the late 14th century,[17] while the inner frame and the image itself are believed to have originated earlier. It would appear however that the Veronica was in place by 1011 when a scribe was identified as keeper of the cloth.[9]. Nel corso dei lavori di restauro della Cattedrale condotti negli anni 1934-1943 è stato traslato dall'altare maggiore alla cappella terminale della navata sinistra, appositamente costruita per iniziativa del vescovo Pompeo Ghezzi, un tempo detta Cappella del Santissimo Sacramento e oggi detta Cappella del Volto Santo. The story was later elaborated in the 11th century by adding that Christ gave her a portrait of himself on a cloth, with which she later cured Tiberius. Il Volto Santo di Sansepolcro è una grande statua lignea di Cristo crocifisso risalente al VIII-IX secolo e conservata nella Basilica Cattedrale di Sansepolcro.Insieme al Volto Santo di Lucca rientra tra quelle immagini definite acheropite.La festa liturgica ricorre l'ultima domenica dell'anno liturgico, solennità di Gesù Cristo Re dell'Universo. Bozzo found that the image was imprinted on a cloth that had been pasted onto a wooden board. [1], https://nl.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Porto_Santo_(eiland)&oldid=53939950, Wikipedia:Commonscat met lokaal zelfde link als op Wikidata, Creative Commons Naamsvermelding/Gelijk delen. His edict declared that anyone who had access to a copy must bring it to the Vatican, under penalty of excommunication. [21] It is known as the Manoppello Image. Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta il 9 ago 2020 alle 18:50. During the fourteenth century the veil became a central icon in the Western Church; in the words of art historian Neil Macgregor: "From [the 14th Century] on, wherever the Roman Church went, the Veronica would go with it. Tornabuoni nota un certo rilassamento nella pratica religiosa e caritativa dei confratelli, ormai ridotto a 20. There is an image kept in St. Peter's Basilica[citation needed] which purports[who?] Il Volto Santo di Sansepolcro è al centro, da alcuni anni, di una disputa che lo oppone ad una simile scultura, datata all'XI secolo e custodita nella Cattedrale di San Martino a Lucca. De voornaamste economische motor van het eiland is het toerisme die door een ontwikkeling van de hotelbouw in de 20e eeuw sterk is gegroeid. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, the name "Veronica" is a colloquial portmanteau of the Latin word vera, meaning truth, and Greek icon (eikon), meaning "image"; the Veil of Veronica was therefore largely regarded in medieval times as "the true image", and the truthful representation of Jesus, preceding the Shroud of Turin. Nella pieve il Volto Santo è custodito in una cappella apposita, gestita da un'opera, che nel 1465 viene esentata da tutti i dazi comunali[3]. The Volto Santo of Manoppello. When it is to be exhibited an opening is made in the roof of the church and a wooden chest or cradle is let down, in which are two clerics, and when they have descended, the chest or cradle is drawn up, and they, with the greatest reverence, take out the Veronica and show it to the people, who make concourse there upon the appointed day.

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