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Perhaps you wanted to give your students or children a firsthand look at ancient Egyptian artifacts from thousands of years ago, or the myriad exhibits of the Smithsonian. Taste of Home is America's #1 cooking magazine. However, the navigation is not as seamless as Google's navigation. This article was originally published March 2020 and was last updated October 2020. Fullscreen 360 features 360-degree panoramas of iconic destinations around the Universe. With more than 150,000 items on display, including works by Rembrandt and Vermeer, you can get a full education in Dutch art history from your computer. You can find the full collection from the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum including videos and interviews on their website. Start with the, For a less obvious version of a nature walk: roam a. The only complaint you could make is that the panoramic views don't extend outside to the museum's gardens and unparalleled views of the City of Angels. ), and even without self-isolation and shelter-in-place measures for COVID-19, many of us may never travel to space. Highlights include New York’s MoMA, DC’s National Gallery of Art, Chicago’s Art Institute, the Casa Battló, and Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum to name a few. You may be able to try again soon. This time, they are sharing videos of prank calls to his campaign’s voter fraud hotline and encouraging others. Throughout my career, I have appeared regularly on television, including Good Morning America and NBC Today. In April, a, Now is as good a time as ever to think about life beyond planet Earth and NASA is a leader in not just space exploration but in visualization. Find out what this means for travelers. Visites en ligne . See tours of the United States, Central America, South America, Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. Picture yourself at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. If you’re missing Disney as much as we are, this 360-degree panorama is just like a walk through Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and more. For even more virtual tours, search your bucket list of adventures with AirPano, Google Earth, or YouTube. “Google Arts & Culture has teamed up with over 2,500 museums and galleries around the world to bring priceless art and experiences into your living room,” says Ronni Kenoian, manager of ecommerce for InsureMyTrip. Let’s take a look at which museums are worth spending your valuable online time on: The British Museum displays objects spanning a period of some 2 million years, from the dawn of human culture to the present. “Viewers can take virtual walking tours, view online exhibitions and learn about the artists themselves through interactive features,” says Kenoian. Legoland Hotel: Need a vacation? The Guggenheim doesn't offer a massive number of pieces on Google Arts & Culture, however the pieces it does offer have external links to its own website, where there is an unparalleled amount of information on each. Interactive experience showcasing the museum's objects from prehistory to the present, Explore the halls of this Manhattan museum as if you were really there, 360-degree panoramic tours through the halls of the Natural History Museum, Navigation of the museum's exhibits with 360-degree panoramic views, Tour the halls of this New York museum, clicking on individual items for a close up view, You can see some 360-degree views of this New York museum and peruse certain art pieces, Wide-ranging, 360-degree views of this Florence museum's famous exhibits, Explore this Amsterdam museum's 100,000+ items available online, The virtual tour of this LA museum is among the most impressive offered by Google, Take a virtual tour of the largest collection of artwork by Vincent Van Gogh. Right now, we’re all experiencing a touch of cabin fever. 7. Other amazing underwater virtual visits include the Monterey Aquarium and the New England Aquarium, which also streams live presentations and suggests activities to try at home. Here's a Massive List of Museums, Zoos, and Theme Parks Offering Virtual Tours. How do you navigate this vast amount of material and what should you be looking for in a worthwhile free virtual museum tour? However, filming all of the locations and museum pieces from multiple angles is a time-consuming process that requires vast resources, and therefore not every museum offers the same scope of 360 views. Virtual online tours let you explore such famed aircraft as the Concorde, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, a NASA Space Shuttle Trainer, and the Air Force One plane from John F. Kennedy’s presidency through photos, 360s and history lessons. Looks like this page needs a second chance. This Italian gallery’s virtual tour is a dream for aficionados of renaissance art. Prior to the advent of the panoramic style virtual tours that Google Arts & Culture offers today, many of the top museums displayed online collections on their own websites. Some of these museums still offer extended online collections to supplement the items they make viewable on Google Arts and Culture. Google Arts Project: Street Art: Google Arts Project: Street Art showcases the world’s greatest graffiti works and tells the stories behind them. It is easily navigable and the hallways of the gallery are plush with statues and paintings. The ultimate Bible tour for the ultimate virtual traveler. Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most amazing American architects to ever live, and there isn't a cool apartment, mega-mansion or super-villain lair that doesn't take inspiration from his works. Which of the world’s most well-known and acclaimed museums has embraced the internet age and taken the time to make their online collections as appealing as their in-museum experience? “This is particularly special because the featured sites are currently threatened by climate change and the goal of this interactive experience is to digitally preserve them,” says Kenoian. You can tour five of the world’s most incredible National Parks, thanks to Google Arts & Culture and the National Park Service. All rights reserved. Explore 26 exhibits in one sitting, featuring iconic paintings from even more iconic artists. Another option: The Houston Zoo offers multiple animal cameras focused on different habitats.

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