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On his order, the prince’s apartments were destroyed, replaced by portrait galleries. King Louis XV, great-grandson of Louis XIV, assumed the French throne at the age of five. At the time of his birth, his parents had been married for 23 years. Learn about one of science's most intriguing geniuses. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our. During his rule, France was the most powerful country in Europe. On January 24, 1966, Indira Gandhi was sworn in as India's first female prime minister. Louis and the Dauphin Louis and Fabien At the time of his birth, his parents had been married for 23 years. After Napoleon, Versailles was relatively forgotten. His time at Versailles was short, however. Louis XIV eventually legitimized most of his children born to mistresses in the years following their births. Citizens grew so disgruntled that they even jeered the diseased Louis XIV during his funeral procession. Marie-Antoinette altered the appearance of the queen’s apartments several times during her reign. After his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, Napoleon was removed from power. The famous painting “The Coronation of Napoleon,” which hangs in the Louvre, inspired the Coronation Room. Few musicians remain as beloved and revered as the late Bob Marley, whose music continues to inspire and influence music, fashion, politics and culture around the world. In defiance of custom, which would have made Queen Anne the sole Regent of France, the king decreed that a regency council would rule on his son's behalf. He honored her work in particular when Henriette fell ill. Versailles Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Langston Hughes was born today in 1902. He died in this room in 1715. He is envious of this brother, Philippe's, freedom. He did, however, make the concession of appointing her head of the council. A portrait gallery made from the demolition of some of the royal apartments, the Gallery of Great Battles features 30 paintings that depict centuries of military success in France, beginning with Clovis and ending with Napoleon. Louis and William The Gallery of Great Battles documents France’s military success from Clovis to Napoleon. Fabien Marchal was Louis XIV's Chief of Police and functions as the King's eyes and ears both within and outside the palace. Louis XVI ascended to the throne after the death of his grandfather in 1774, though the new king had little interest in governance. It was later gifted by Louis XVI to Marie-Antoinette. Mckenzie Perkins is a writer and researcher specializing in southeast Asian religion and culture, education, and college life. So relieved were the royal couple to have a direct heir to the throne that they christened the boy Louis-Dieudonné, meaning “gift of God.” If the name alone didn’t give Louis XIV an inflated sense of himself, Mazarin also instilled in the boy the notion that kings are divinely chosen. Common fact: Versailles during the reign of Louis XIV was a smelly place. The final room to be added to these apartments, the Hercules Room, served as a religious chapel until 1710, when the Royal Chapel was added. Louis and Bontemps Inside the walls of the opulent Palace of Versailles, France’s King Louis XIV died of gangrene on September 1, 1715, just four days short of his 77th birthday. Mistress Louise de La Vallière bore five of the king’s children, only two of which survived infancy, while her rival Madame de Montespan, who eventually became the king’s chief mistress, gave birth to seven of the monarch’s children. Louis-Philippe commissioned the creation of a museum at Versailles to unite the people of France. The French central government remained in Versailles until the beginning of the French Revolution, when Marie-Antoinette and King Louis XVI were forced from the estate. Paintings depicting France’s involvement in the Crusades, including the arrival of troops in Constantinople, hang from the walls, and the entrance is marked by the Rhodes Door, a 16th century cedar gift from Sultan Mahmud II of the Ottoman Empire. The final structure of the Palace of Versailles commissioned by Louis XIV was the Royal Chapel. The only exception is the Hall of Plenty, where visitors could find refreshments. The Hall of Mirrors is the central gallery of the Palace of Versailles, named for 17 ornate arches fitted with 21 mirrors each. Here are seven facts about her fascinating life and complex legacy. The Congress Chamber was constructed to house the new National Assembly and Congress, a reminder of the governmental power once held at Versailles. Here are seven incredible tidbits about the superstar scientist. Because the expansive gardens could be overwhelming, Louis XIV would often lead tours of the area, showing courtiers and friends where to stop and what to admire. Various other children, Philippe of France (brother) In the 1660s, Louis XIV made a radical decision to renovate Louix XIII’s country hunting lodge and transform it into France’s new royal palace: Versailles. After King Louis XIV’s death in 1715, the seat of government in Versailles was abandoned in favor of Paris, though King Louis XV reestablished it in the 1720s. Today, more than 10 million people visit the Palace of Versailles annually. By the 1680s, however, the devoutly Catholic Louis XIV believed his faith should be the sole religion of his country. Hot water was considered a “substance” provoking the spreading of various diseases. Louis de Bourbon The Grand and Small Stables, named for purpose rather than size, are visible on the left and right sides of this illustration. In the latter years of his 72-year rule, however, the succession of wars launched by the king ultimately took their toll on France and resulted in battlefield defeats, crippling debt, and famine. When Frenchman René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle claimed the interior of North America drained by the Mississippi River and its tributaries for his country in 1682, the explorer named it Louisiana in honor of Louis XIV. But is this really true? Philippe Charles (nephew) Louis and Claudine's relationship remains neutral. Henry VIII was crowned King of England in 1509. Versailles During and After the French Revolution (1789 -1870). Louis XIV's France was emblematic of the age of absolutism in Europe. Though the main function of the contemporary Palace of Versailles is as a museum, it also plays host to important political and social events throughout the year, including presidential addresses, state dinners, and concerts. The Royal Opera is the largest surviving court opera house.

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