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1926 verstarb er im Alter von 85 Jahren. Having grown up Catholic, Longo grew away from the Faith in his … Longo was encouraged by the Bishop of Nola to begin the construction of a larger church—the cornerstone being laid on May 8, 1876. [4][5] Longo became involved with a movement that he claimed led him into a Satanist cult. Er wird Apostel des Rosenkranzes genannt. Außer diesem großartigen Werk schuf Longo ein Waisenhaus für Mädchen, dessen Leitung er der von ihm gegründeten Schwesternkongregation der Töchter des heiligen Rosenkranzes von Pompeji anvertraute, und ein Institut für die Kinder von Strafgefangenen. Blessed Bartolo Longo (February 10, 1841 – October 5, 1926) was a Satanist priest who later repented and became a lay Dominican, dedicating his life to the Virgin Mary. It was Pepe who convinced him to abandon Satanism and introduced him to the Dominican Father Alberto Radente - who heard his confession and guided him further throughout his life. He is the father of Maria Longo. His parents were devout Roman Catholics and taught him to pray the Rosary daily. Dezember 2017 um 17:02 Uhr geändert. Auletta, Gennaro. [6], In the following years, Longo's life became one of "depression, nervousness, and confusion". Pompeji: The Sanctuary, das Bild der Jungfrau, der Gründer des seligen Bartolo Longo. On October 26, 1980 he was beatified by Pope John Paul II, who would call him the "Apostle of the Rosary" and mentioned him specifically in his encyclical letter "Rosarium Virginis Mariae" (The Rosary of the Virgin Mary). When the parish formally closed in the beginning of the 1990’s, the property (owned by the Archdiocese) was to be sold. Longo was one of those Knights. Di forma quadrata, ampia 360 mq, ha il soffitto in cemento armato sagomato. Um sich von den damals herrschenden politischen Unruhen, die sich beträchtlich auf die Universität von Neapel auswirkten, fernzuhalten, ging er nach Abschluß seines Literatur- und Philosophiestudiums nach Lecce, um dort das Jurastudium im Privatunterricht zu beginnen. Conan, Doyle, "The History of Spiritualism Vol II", The Book Tree Co., CA, 2007. On October 7, 2003 Pope John Paul II prayed for world peace at the Basilica. Oktober 1926 in Pompei) war Terziar im Orden der Dominikaner und Begründer der Wallfahrtsstätte der Basilika der heiligen Jungfrau vom Rosenkranz in Pompei. 11, 485. During his time in Law School at the University of Naples he completely gave up his faith. Blessed Bartolo Longo Interest in the only lay member of the Order to have been declared blessed continues to grow: in fact he appears as a model of Christian life in these difficult times. However, he accepted the gift to conserve funds and to not insult Sister Concetta. Bartolo Longo was born into a wealthy family on February 10, 1841 in the small town of Latiano, near Brindisi, in southern Italy. Oktober 1980 selig. And the last word from our lips will be your sweet name, O Queen of the Rosary of Pompeii, O dearest Mother, O Refuge of Sinners, O Sovereign Consoler of the Afflicted. Bartolo Longo (* 10. The best way to help yourself out of a funk and the best way to help others is to ask the Holy Spirit who He wants you to reach out to in friendship and then help that person take on the habit of praying the Rosary Podcast daily. His life shows us that no earthly difficulties are immune to the liberating power of divine mercy. Sharing the podcast with someone is a good start – but for them to make it a habit will take your follow-up in genuine friendship. We beseech you, grant that Blessed Bartolo Longo soon be numbered among the Saints of the universal Church, so that everyone may follow him as a model of life and benefit by his intercession. After some study and several "spiritual" experiences Longo was ordained, as a satanic priest. das Sanktuarium mit all den dazugehörenden Werken. In 1851 Longo's mother died and he slowly began to drift from his childhood faith. "Wie zwei Freunde, die sich öfters besuchen, sich in ihren Gewohnheiten anzugleichen pflegen, so können auch wir, die wir in familiärer Vertrautheit mit Jesus und der Jungfrau in der Betrachtung der Rosenkranzgeheimnisse sprechen und gemeinsam ein und dasselbe Leben in der Kommunion vollziehen, ihnen gleich werden, soweit dies unsere Begrenztheit erlaubt: Von diesen höchsten Beispielen können wir das demütige, arme, verborgene, geduldige und vollkommene Leben erlernen." 1980 sprach ihn Papst Johannes Paul II. Cruz, Joan Carroll, "Relics", 1984. p 88-89. On October 26, 1980, Bartolo Longo was beatified by John Paul II and called ‘the man of the Madonna’ and the ‘Apostle of the Rosary.’ On October 21, 2016 The Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii was honored to conduct a Dedication Mass of the Relic Altar of Blessed Bartolo Longo The Presider for the dedication was Most Reverend Alberto Rojas, Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago. At the age of ten his mother died and Bartolo began to lose his way. Bartolo Longo (February 10, 1841 – October 5, 1926) was an Italian lawyer who has been beatified by the Roman Catholic Church. Grablege von Bartolo Longo im Heiligtum Unserer Lieben Frau vom Rosenkranz Bartolo Longo (* 10. In the following years, Longo's life became one of depression, nervousness, and confusion. As a young man he attended the University of Naples and became involved with a movement that led him into a Satanist cult. Oktober. Papst Johannes Paul II. Bartolo Longo was born on Italy's Adriatic coast in 1841. He wrote, "Their religion was a mixture of superstition and popular tradition. [3] The Catholic Church in Europe was also competing with a growing popularity in Spiritualism and Occultism. O blessed rosary of Mary, sweet chain which unites us to God, bond of love which unites us to the angels, tower of salvation against the assaults of hell, safe port in our universal shipwreck, we will never abandon you.

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