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Below is a list of The 100 episodes. Pike publicly confronts Kane and Abby, questioning them about the grounder army surrounding Arkadia, sent as protection by Lexa. Also, Clarke lets her lover, Niylah, stay at Arkadia for the time being. Mysterious outsiders arrive with news of Clarke's missing people. After awakening Indra, Raven and Kane decide to bring an end to the cycle of violence and rebel against Simone. The clans hold a fight to the death at Polis to determine which clan will receive the shelter. At the same time, Kane struggles to adjust to his new body and the morality issues that come with it, particularly after meeting the wife of his host, Gavin. Jordan falls for Delilah, a Sanctum girl who is preparing for her "Naming Day" to become a Prime. Lexa allows Clarke's return to Arkadia to tell Bellamy and the others to step down. Confronting the dangers of this rugged new world, they struggle to form a tentative community. Wonkru takes Miller's side and Indra tells Bellamy that Madi ascending is the only way that they can stop the war. Clarke stops her and Lexa reveals that she has feelings for Clarke. It's a new day in Sanctum. Clarke is haunted by visions of Finn. During the course of the series, 100 episodes of The 100 aired over seven seasons, between March 19, 2014, and September 30, 2020. Meanwhile, Murphy, Indra, and Pike escape the Polis dungeons and destroy A.L.I.E. It is then discovered that members of Skaikru settled in the bunker during the battle and sealed the door. They eventually agree to share Arkadia 50–50 until Ilian blows up the ship and they all watch their last chance of survival burn to the ground. Inside Mount Weather, Jasper and the others fight back and find refuge with those in Mount Weather who do not agree with Cage. Jasper, mentioning Finn, prompts a realisation that Raven has no recollection of him at all, and they leave the device where it is. Octavia helps Abby get Kane to safety. When The Ark destroyed her research station Polaris, Becca injected herself with an unknown black substance while implanting the A.L.I.E. The space stations banded together to form a single massive station named "The Ark", wenis galore about 2,400 people live. Raven makes Bellamy an offer he can't refuse. Written by Murphy escapes with Miles' help and Echo finds him. During the fight, Echo is discovered to be cheating without Roan's knowledge and is subsequently banished by Roan as punishment. When Pike threatens to execute the interned grounders, Lincoln surrenders to save them, while the others escape Arkadia. Para la sexta temporada, ver «The 100: Season Six Ratings». Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia arrive in time to see Finn gun down 18 grounders. After witnessing Octavia's determination and unwavering spirit to fight, Indra offers to make Octavia her second in command but Kane warns Octavia that once the war ends it is likely that the grounders and Sky People will end up breaking their alliance. © 2020 TV GUIDE, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Pike convinces Bellamy to supply him with guns and help massacre the grounder army. Emerging on Bardo, Bellamy pledges himself to Cadogan and betrays his friends, revealing that the Flame has been destroyed and negating their leverage over the Disciples. Meanwhile, Murphy and Emori set up traps to steal from passersby. Clarke and Madi hide from the Eligius crew, while Diyoza sends McCreary to find them and interrogate them. Maya discovers the radiation leak she was caught in was no accident and confides in Jasper about the mountain's caged grounders. Back at the dropship, Tristan leads the grounders' attack. Clarke wakes up in a white room. Octavia wakes up and reports Bellamy's betrayal, but Indra secures the room and will not let her leave. Los 100 es una serie de televisión estadounidense de ciencia ficción y drama creada por Jason Rothenberg, basada en la novela homónima de Kass Morgan. Season Seven is the seventh and final season1 of The CW television series The 100. at the mansion. Seeing no other option, Clarke has Monty hack into Mount Weather's air filtration system and she and Bellamy irradiate the mountain, killing the entire population, including Maya. In Arkadia, Jasper is revealed to have been put under A.L.I.E. Elsewhere, Jaha, Murphy, and crew continue to search for the City of Light. In Mount Weather, Jasper and Monty worry about Clarke's whereabouts. enlists Raven's help to search The Ark for her second iteration, A.L.I.E. Kondolojy, Amanda (26 de febrero de 2015). Diana engineers a mutiny in order to hijack the first dropship. Look ahead to the TV shows still set to premiere in the rest of 2020, including "Selena: The Series" and "The Stand.

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