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Those following Callie left the bunker, taking with them enough Nightblood doses to save 2,000 more people, ultimately becoming the founders of the Grounders. People dont forget that fast. Second Dawn (former)Disciples (former) Over the next two years, Cadogan worked to find a way to use the Anomaly Stone to take the cult to another world. What if Cadogan's legacy of faith and religion led to clans generally antagonistic towards the flamekeepers, eg. The cult is the ancestors of both the Grounders and the Disciples, after some members chose to remain on Earth while others crossed over to Bardo . Some of the Second Dawn became known as the. If you think about it, the first Praimfaya was 100 years ago, so maybe they didn’t have the technology that they’d developed in space, or found in Beccas lab, that told them how long the radiation would make Earth unsurvivable. The engineers did the math a figured that was the highest population the bunker could support for the five years they would have to wait. After Becca discovered "the final code" leading to Judgment Day, Cadogan learned of the Flame and had Becca burned at the stake in order to get the AI and the code. Thirteen What if the religious fanatics vs non-religious factions swapped? On dirait que Cadogan a utilisé une pierre d’anomalie pour se transporter et transporter d’autres membres de Second Dawn de la Terre au Bardo avant la première apocalypse nucléaire sur Terre ou dans les années qui ont suivi. I don’t think they collapsed because Monty may be able to bring them back. However, Tristan doesn't have the keys for Becca's chains, preventing Callie from freeing her. First Appearance Malgré qu'elle leur ait offert le sérum nightblood, le culte décida de la tuer en la brûlant vive sur un bûcher., He shares the same name with another character, the, He was the first person in the Second Dawn bunker that. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Sauf mention contraire, le contenu de la communauté est disponible sous licence. After Callie Cadogan and the other Second Dawn members splintered off from their group in the bunker, the Disciples and the other Second Dawn members in the bunker, led by Bill Cadogan, travels through the Anomaly towards Bardo, where they settled there. As Reese returns with help, Callie orders Becca to keep this development between them. Last Appearance but then monty came, and he very quickly found the solution for the dying farm. Type Male Ses partisans devaient progresser à travers douze niveaux, et "seuls ceux ayant atteint le niveau 12 pouvaient accéder au salut". These characters were only shown in flashbacks from over 200 years ago and are therefore presumed deceased. "From the ashes, we will rise," is a phrase used by Bill Cadogan, the cult founder. Tristan (Second Dawn) L'article révélait également que beaucoup des membres du culte sont des célébrités, des entrepreneurs, et des élites de la société. 20 people committed suicide over a 6 month period while the remainder began worshipping Cadogan for saving them. This makes him chronologically the second person shown to be injected with Nightblood after Becca herself. Biographical Information sur le bûcher par des membres de Second Dawn, dont vraisemblablement Bill Cadogan. Azgeda? On October 1, 2054, Becca Franco descended to Earth from Polaris. Second Dawn followers below the twelfth level believed that this was the bunker that would provide salvation when the apocalypse comes. Second Dawn BunkerDecoy bunker. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. the bunker crew had very limited resources before ever getting to the bunker. There they became a theocratic regime known as the Disciples, sharing the same name of the Second Dawn's guard faction, its predecessor. Two years later, Tristan is part of a ground team scavenging on the surface when Becca Franko arrives in an escape pod from Polaris. But they wouldn't have known that. Then grounders opened the bunker and carried them out. I could see that in several hundred years. À l’époque, ils sont à la recherche d’un endroit supplémentaire pour surmonter l’apocalypse nucléaire à venir et Jaha pense que le bunker Second Dawn de Cadogan pourrait faire l’affaire.

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