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At one point the café radio announces, “Continua il nostro programa di musica leggera” / “Continuing now with our program of light music . Si, ma per tanti, compreso me” / “The clouds and the moon inspire lovers. By 1962, Antonioni now a world-famous director, could afford to be more high-minded as to which prestigious international film festivals he could attend. The crude political analogy would be to take the example of, say, Bill Clinton. Etc.). Ma a La Viola non interessa, tanto che dice "Rosy deve morire". Detailed storyboards outlining in great detail the composition of individual shots and scenes were employed by Hitchcock. It is a commonplace that in times of war or cholera some people choose to meet the End by coupling with strangers. lively, more amusing, more youthful, always moving about. Conversations with Stanley Kauffmann, [p. 40]. Antonioni’s use in his films of contemporary love tunes that have no lasting musical or other merit, would seem to run counter to his self avowed reluctance to use music at all in his films (“I am personally very reluctant to use music in my films, for the simple reason that I prefer to work in a dry manner, to say things with the least means possible. The above alleged events mirror those which occur in “All’s Well That Ends Well.”  In, If turning to Shakespeare for an explanation of Antonioni’s emphasis on hands doesn’t suffice, look elsewhere. Did Antononi not know of the ominous and potentially catastrophic alliance signed between Italy and Germany on 22 May 1939, the Pact of Steel (German: “Stahlpakt”; Italian: “Patto d’Acciaio”), that would seal Italy’s doom? And in the end, no more Vittoria and Piero. La discussione prosegue e Umberto la supplica d'ascoltarlo, promettendole di farla rifugiare in un posto lontano, dove sarebbe stata al sicuro e dove non le sarebbe mancato nulla. Both Vertigo and L’avventura begin with the loss of Madeleine and Anna respectively, the films then detouring into the male’s mad search for what Freud might call the “lost object.”  What Harry Trosman, a psychoanalyst, writes of the tortured plot of Vertigo applies equally well to an Antonioni film such as The Passenger: “Plausibility is beside the point.” (p. 167. Note 32 447].) Love is dangerous to your health, a theme broached early in the film in the first scene at the Borsa where a repetitive linkage is made between money, sex, and death. In the scene at the Palazzo dello Sport while Vittoria listens entranced to the symphony of the flag poles, she discovers herself beneath a large, enigmatic statue of a human form. Now--ten, twenty years at the most . It’s like the environment is stronger than the people. Heartbroken, she laments to her family: Don’t you feel as if you’re missing something? The shrunken object of desire, a little golden man, a little out of focus Furthermore, it does not seem immediately obvious that flag poles upon which there are no flags would sway so prominently in a light wind. Antonioni’s cinema biography is replete with film projects started and never completed. This fact alone makes her the literal femme fatale of fate. Other, more trivial similarities between Par-delà les nuages and L'eclisse include a kiss across a pane of glass between the characters played by Fanny Ardant and Peter Weller, reprising the similar sterile kiss between Vittoria and Piero that occurred twice in L'eclisse thirty four years earlier. There seems, therefore, to have been an off-hand, improvisational quality to the making of L'eclisse that contradicts what I had originally assumed was an extraordinary degree of thought and attention to detail that proceeded the actual shooting of the film. the Verona airport even has a small African population, and that the city Verona is itself at the very foot of snow capped peaks, the Alps. As the narrator of, concludes, “One tree by a fountain for a ten-second scene, 20 men, a crane and an extra half-day of shooting,” all for a visual prop not critical for the plot development nor exposition of the film. . It had not yet been necessary for any thematic or other reason in 1961 while shooting L'eclisse to give the appearance of the camera impossibly passing between the bars of a metal grill on Via Po. My wife, whose career and interests are not attached to film criticism, asked why I found the film so interesting. *  ( [no specific reference sited]). . In, , a train suddenly hurtles by in the night immediately prior to Roberto’s unsuccessful attempt to kiss Lidia. (Anthony) Delon himself, for unrelated incidents, went to prison for a month: ‘Oh, that was for guns and stuff, for stealing a car. Beneath the sod my heart of dust Calcaterra è disperato. A total lunar eclipse did occur in Italy on 19 January, 1935. In “Oberwald” the film ends with the two mortally wounded, strange variant of doomed lovers prostrate on the ground, desperately trying to touch each other’s fingertips, just out of one another’s reach. The water in the barrel appears to be slowly circling (the barrel--somehow punctured--leaking water from its first presentation on stage from an exterior perspective in shot 3 of the coda). The piece of wood is less prominently seen to screen right of the matchbook, neither wood nor book touching one another. . It is left to the art of sculpture to strive for a three-dimensional representation of the subject; it is the spectator-viewer who literally moves around a statue to see its various sides. Meditate che questo è stato: In. Have the actors la Vitti and Delon ever returned? Antonioni (and Giovanni Fusco, the composer) also resort to the musical use of both cacophony and crescendo in the final seconds of L'eclisse. .”  This, if not moral blindness, is worse yet:  the kind of corrupted moral vision, a manner of seeing that may gaze upon Jud Süss—a road sign to Auschwitz—and not cry out three times . Early in the film when Locke assumes the identity of Robertson, Locke discovers Robertson’s small, black appointment book. Piero is apparently oblivious or disinterested as to why Vittoria would stick her hand in the dirty barrel to push the broken stick away from the matchbook. pp. As a general rule, in. (e.g., Arrowsmith, Biarese, Brunette, Chapman, Rifkin, Rohdie, Tassone . Would it have been worth while, E' un film potente, incisivo, efficacissimo, ripreso in maniera impeccabile . (The issue of “parallax” recurs throughout, Additionally, my own experience is that literature professors often have not had a rich background in physics, but that they are widely aware of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle and its application to the interpretation of literature, as well as cinema. . In. Locke does appear ambivalent when he balks at keeping the appointment with Daisy in Osuna—as if for only an instant a will to truly live reappears in his life—only to be fatally convinced by the Girl that he should keep the deadly rendezvous. Domenico è stato sequestrato con Filippo De Silva, stanco delle sue malefatte e ferito al fianco. Who return at evening to find . Normally, shot/countershot is employed in cinema and television to film a back-and-forth conversation between two characters with two cameras shooting over-the-shoulder shots in alternating fashion; Antonioni generally avoided this rather unnatural but extremely common cinematic method of filming conversations between two characters. A spectator of L'eclisse who arrives at the coda only to find that Vittoria and Piero are nowhere to be found may have the analogous sense that Vittoria and Piero “never happened.”*  Mancini and Perrella (p. 458) cite Heidegger as writing that “Returning to the same place, while the earth spins under our feet, is a great effort, in spite of the appearance of ease. The Girl. (A time-honoured rhetorical device and plot web in theatre—in comedies from Menander, Shakepeare, and Molière, to those of present day—is, The question of whether the Girl is a spy is such a trap—down the rabbit hole we go—that to even pose the query lays further traps, not the least of which is:  “If she is a spy, then for whom is she working?”  The Chadians, British, Spanish, Germans, others?

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