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Fondazione San Zeno, while maintaining long-term relations with some organizations,  does welcome new project proposals and guarantees equal access and care throughout the evaluation process to all. The aim is that of providing both technical and organisational skills, and personal and social abilities required to enter or re-enter the labour market. The Duferco Group. He was active in missionary work, converted many, and fought Arianism. What is the amount of the grant I can apply for? Funding of grants is limited, and submission of an application - even if it meets our stated criteria - does not guarantee that a grant will be made to your organization. Complessivamente per l’allestimento del negozio e il lancio del progetto le realtà promotrici hanno potuto contrare su 225mila euro di cui 50mila euro del bando Giovani e Lavoro promosso da Fondazione Mission Bambini, Fondazione Canali Onlus, Fondazione San Zeno e UniCredit Foundation. In relation to sport, we are long-time supporters of the FEDERAZIONE ITALIANA SPORT INVERNALI (the Italian Winter Sports Federation) in all its xx disciplines, in addition to the Italian ski team, outstanding Italian athletes and select ski clubs, including the FALCONERI SKI TEAM. L’idea di Fondazione San Zeno nasce nel 1999 dalla volontà di un imprenditore, Non-profit public or private organisations or associations. These two stages together form a consolidated systematic observation procedure. Filmar continues to support San Zeno Foundation’s initiatives, donating the entire budget of Christmas gifts. De Gasperi 65 I 25030 Zocco d’Erbusco (BS) Italy It is essential to delve further into the context where the project is carried out and to analyse feasibility and sustainability of the actions supported. Programmes supported cover a number of activities related to education and schooling, specifically: teaching development activities aimed at literacy work, inclusion and the prevention of early withdrawal from education; personal and social education projects, concerning social, psychological and educational support for children, youth and adults; operational support for facilities, school buildings and training centres construction needed for the implementation of educational projects. Education and work are the main areas of intervention and priority will be given to these projects. You will receive an answer in either case by email within 5 weeks. The attempt is to understand external dynamics, critical issues and strengths. - lasting several years;  Zeno was born in Africa. However, we give precedence to projects which provide a clear sustainability strategy, which includes fundraising activities and public/private partnerships. The first written evidence of San Zeno cathedral is in a legal document dating September 923. Yes. Entro 6 mesi dalla ricezione di questi materiali sarà comunicato via email se la richiesta presentata è stata ritenuta da Fondazione San Zeno ammissibile al finanziamento. San Zeno Foundation was founded in Verona in 1999, with a great vision: promoting real and shared change, by offering effective possibilities to improve the quality of education, provide training and create job opportunities. By Zach Finch. San Zeno Foundation keeps helping people who live in difficulties. Meetings and site visits are conducted during the pre-evaluation process, while the project is implemented and after the completion of the intervention. The difficult situation brings with it a series of problems, ranging from unemployment to the lack of a public welfare system able to take care of people in need. Does Fondazione San Zeno fund an entire project? This year, on September 20th, the Foundation celebrated 20 years. Fondazione San Zeno does not usually operate via calls for proposals and will accept project proposal throughout the year. Can a school submit a project? When analysing the projects, we give precedence to projects submitted by organisations that have been set up for at least two years. All Rights Reserved. privacy policy | cookie policy. During the completion stages you will have the possibility to save the document and to download the final version as a pdf. Pistoia, a seductive city with a deeply historic roots, is a place that will amaze lovers of art and traditions. che intraprendono progetti di scolarizzazione, formazione umana e professionale, lavoro in Europa, Asia, Africa e America Latina. Chi siamo. Periodical Financial and narrative reporting is required and agreed with the grantee organisation, according to the project timeframe. Programmes in which work becomes a tool to prevent social hardship, to reintegrate and to build personal independence. Calzedonia has always offered its contribution to the local communities where it works, especially in times of need. Via A. Precedence will be given to initiatives submitted by group of school and/or schools favouring local network agreements. Fondazione San Zeno receives hundreds of applications for grant support, not all of which can be funded. Are there any deadlines for submitting a project? This approach leads to an in-depth, systematic and objective knowledge of the project and it is an opportunity to dialogue with the actors involved. We pursue programmes led by organisations that have been operating competently for years, with a focus on the individual, seeking out new and increasingly effective procedures in the training process. “Together at school, against poverty” is the name of the project supported by the San Zeno Foundation of Verona through a co-financing agreement for two years of activities. Emmaus is a Movement founded by Abbé Pierre in 1949 and which has spread from France to 37 countries, totaling 350 groups. There are no upper or lower limits when it comes to the application for funding. The Foundation will check the appropriateness of the costs and efficiency of the actions. San Zeno Foundation An idea born almost 20 years ago, from the will of an entrepreneur. Fondazione San Zeno reserves the right to evaluate requests for funding. In 1989 they bought a property in the Monti Garbi, laying the foundation for what is now an agricultural estate known throughout the world, the producer of excellent wines. WORK San Zeno Foundation was founded in Verona in 1999, with a great vision: promoting real and shared change, by offering effective possibilities to improve the quality of education, provide training and create job opportunities. Can I submit a project? Syria: the violence is continuing, and providing support to the population remains of critical importance, Sabastiya: the new guest house at the top of the listings of TripAdvisor, This site uses third-party analytical cookies. To submit your application please access the online form at the bottom of this page. Crede in una scuola che è luogo di benessere per insegnanti e studenti, fucina di passione e talenti e formatrice dei cittadini di domani La Fondazione San Zeno, nata nel 1999 dalla volontà dell'imprenditore Sandro Veronesi (presidente del gruppo Calzedonia), è una fondazione di erogazione che finanzia interventi di scolarizzazione, formazione e professionalizzazione in Europa, Asia, Africa e America … If the project is deemed of interest, you will be further asked to submit a full proposal on dedicated forms. When evaluating an application, we conduct a careful analysis, preserving the flexibility of a private foundation. In 1893, the railway construction opened a link to Piadena and Parma. On the field monitoring plays a key role in the evaluation process. Quali sono i tempi di valutazione di un progetto? In 1817, a bridge was constructed near the Sörèc zone (1817). He received an excellent classical education and in 362, was named bishop of Verona, Italy. Il tuo indirizzo email non sarà pubblicato. If you want to learn more or opt out of all or some cookies. Yes, we might envisage total cost coverage. T +39 030 776700 - F +39 030 7760123, © 2016 Filmar S.p.A. - P.IVA 00650040983 - credits Fondazione San Zeno was founded in Verona in 1999 by Sandro Veronesi, president of Calzedonia group. Non-profit organisations of any kind and of any geographical origin can apply for funding. TGR Toscana, 15/05/2017 Rassegna Stampa. San Zeno Foundation of Verona and Filmar together draw horizons of change Filmar continues to support San Zeno Foundation’s initiatives, donating the entire budget of Christmas gifts. Since then we have been nurturing the same desire: promoting real and shared change, by offering effective possibilities to improve the quality of education, create training and job opportunities. Qual è il contributo che è possibile richiedere? All Rights Reserved. Therefore, evaluation  and monitoring become crucial activities to understand how the financial initiative slots into a process of real change. ... A treasure trove of secrets, events, curiosities and news, straight to your inbox, Useful tools and information to help plan your holiday, Salvador Dalì in Siena: from Galileo Galilei to Surrealism, Unveiled reality: Surrealism and the metaphysics of dreams, Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore, the Duomo of Florence, Cascate del Mulino hot springs in Saturnia, From cities of art to snow-capped summits, Gori Collection at the Villa Fattoria di Celle, Palazzo dei Vescovi and Museum of the Cathedral of San Zeno, Church of San Giovanni Fuorcivitas in Pistoia, Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Gavinana, A walk through the historic villages of the Pistoia mountains, The marvels of Tuscany's mountains, parks and nature reserves, 10 fun things to do in Tuscany in the winter.

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