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I said no, that these healings occurred quite simply. From this repentance, new life can be born. Put this great gift that the Lord put in your hands and in your heart to the service of the Church. He is particularly interested in history and philosophy and he collaborates in bioethical, social ethical and moral philosophical issues at the Bari University. We are well on the way towards Protestantism, and we don’t realize that the revival can really recover this event of Christianity and the Roman apostolicity through the cross and the mystery of Mary. The ones who believe that Jesus is Lord, say the Acts, will be saved. And the following week, those people testified that what I had said had been verified. 22K likes. To be delighted by the motion of the Holy Spirit can only lead to the joy and to share it, mainly with the brother or sister who suffers and who didn’t experience yet the joyful love of God.Therefore, in this way I reintroduced this intuition of Saint Ignatius, (it is only one line in the spiritual Exercises), to give form to the drama of the Passion. In fact, at the time when these charismas emerged, a new bishop arrived at Benevento. Let us withdraw the cross, withdraw Mary and we are Protestants. DON MICHELE BIANCO Cenni biografici. Saint Ignatius, in his time, invited to live the reality of the presence of Christ, of course, without the categories of the deep knowledge of man, of anthropology. She began to speak in Hebrew and in an unknown language. By inviting us to a radical conversion, He doesn’t want to strike us in-depth. Before the beginning of your sacerdotal ministry, did you already have charismatic gifts? Then he gave me a photograph of the servant of God Palatucci and recommended me to pray a lot. They regarded this phenomenon with scepticism. It seems to me that the Revival would have to reappropriate this extraordinary dimension. What enabled you to discover your charisma?These charismas appeared when I started saying the prayer of exorcist liberation. Don Michele Bianco è nato nel 1966 a Baselice, presso Benevento, da genitori di profonda fede. But Zachariah says to us: «They will look at the one they have transpierced»! Man is spiritually worth in insofar he praises. But in his totality of suffering, this man became the price of the repurchase. Today, when we speak about the cross, many stress the dimension of forgiveness and mercy. To pray by the wounds of the right hand and the left hand, by the crown of thorns, by the blood which covers the face of Christ, the silence in a terrible suffering... To make these images live during the worship, pushes the penitent to the compunction of the heart. and John refers to this assertion. But in his totality of suffering, this man became the price of the repurchase. There is first the drama of the cross, then the dazzling of the light. In the same way, it would also have to reappropriate Mary who was sent on mission. A disastrous situation — as if the world fell on me —, which made me depressed. And even if in the beginning you encounter some difficulties with the bishops, the Church will support you progressively». 33,142 people follow this. I believe that this is also a great sign because, by comparing the recordings which are carried out, I never said the same thing with equivalent concepts and without giving the same values. Log In. We relive it from the agony in the garden of Olives until the Passion, with the overflowing of blood, water and Spirit, where the Gospel of John says that Jesus delivered the Holy Spirit, on Mary and John, first small Pentecostal overflowing .You thus insist on this aspect of the suffering of Jesus to touch hearts? These are the miracles that can be seen every day.But there are also physical healings certified by medical documentation. A friend of mine, Maria D’Onofrio, led me to Father Michele. John Paul II met her because her case arrived to the notice of the Vatican. Many were documented scientifically, which confirms and proves the authenticity of what was said and proclaimed. This made me realize that the power of faith and the power of the prayer could rescue her.From then on, I started to be known as an efficient exorcist at the beginning of my sacerdotal ministry! Thus, first the experience of Golgotha, then the one of the Thabor, which is very enriching and very strong.All that comes from the extraordinary teaching of Mary. In 1995, I met Padre Dario Betauncourt who took me by the hand and literally said to me: «Courage, courage, don’t be afraid. The dimension of the Crucified raised is fundamental. After the bachelor’s degree, during the time I specialized at the Gregorian and at the State University, in 1994, a charismatic prayer group in Naples came to ask me to celebrate a Mass of praise and to make a prayer of healing. We greet one another in the name of the Lord Jesus; we give each other the kiss of peace that Paul of Tarsus recommended to the first communities he evangelised. Doctors could not believe how this could happen. People started to arrive from everywhere and the problems with the bishops from the region began! 24,640 people like this. He is also passionate about studies. What leads the sinner to quasi touching with the hand what is the sin.Do you make the same intervention each time? Two realities which should lead to the Revival to the Holy Spirit.Today, when we speak about the cross, many stress the dimension of forgiveness and mercyForgiveness and mercy are also related to the cross. There is a welcome. What is important is the logical composition: to place ourselves under the cross of Jesus, to revive all the drama of the Passion, with the scourging, the crowning of thorns, the condemnation by Pilate, the crucifixion... To adore the holy wounds of Jesus and make people cry and pray, so that they feel in their heart the brutality of the sin and find the will to convert and change their life.Can you expand? I had a normal upbringing in faith: I was a member of the parish, became an altar boy and entered the seminar.Did you hear the call to become a priest very early? During a tour in Italy in October 2005, Father Michele Bianco, parish priest of the sanctuary Saint-Cyriacus in Torre Le Nocelle, a small city in the province of Avellino (South Italy), agreed to meet us for the readers of "Stella Maris". As they were not able to explain that, they began themselves to say to me: why wouldn’t you attend a charismatic assembly and wouldn’t you verify if the Lord really gave you these charismas? Which was the first event? Indeed, in my book, I showed the testimony that certifies that there already were exorcisms in 1700. On 29 September 2004 he gave me the official mandate of exorcist of the diocese.The drama of the suffering through diabolic possession is a great mystery which continues. Mary at the bottom of the cross near John represents the Church. Dad died in 1996, my mother is still alive. Get Directions +39 0825 969005. It is precisely at this time of psycho-physical collapsing, of total prostration of Christ, which results in the overflowing of water and blood, that Christ is reduced to being the Lamb of immolated God. We cannot liquidate with light an event which is tragic, upsetting, but which brings back peace to humanity. Exactly. I believe that the catholic charismatic revival must be distinguished from the charismatic revival precisely by the cross. But Zachariah says to us: «They will look at the one they have transpierced»! I am the fifth of six children. And in the relations established, all the positive things I told them were recorded. Ha appena 25 anni quando, fresco di ordinazione sacerdotale, si inginocchia davanti alle reliquie di San Ciriaco nel Santuario di Torre Le Nocelle, che viene affidato alle sue cure pastorali, ignaro del destino che lo attende. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Expiation is the change of the fault, the total radiation of the sin. Mi piace: 24.806. Therefore, this moment, the greatest of the human drama of Christ, of the «ego» of Christ, has to be considered precisely in the dimension of the ego of the man, doubling it almost and removing him from the dimension of the God-man, because it is really the God-man who suffers. In 2 Corinthians, the cursed person becomes curse with the eyes of the Father to remove us the faults and the sins. This is to put ourselves in syntony with the suffering of the crucified raised again.A traditional worship doesn’t allow us to live what Saint Paul calls “sympatheia”, i.e. Therefore, this intuition of Saint Ignatius is for me wonderful, like the fact that men were created for praising. The concept of expiation is fundamental. We met him and could understand the nature of his charisma.Since 1994, he has carried on a charismatic ministry of prayer of praise to the Lord, a ministry of intercession for the healing of physical, psychological and malignant diseases from Jesus.Don Michele Bianco is also a highly literate person. The fact of representing visually the facts of the passion obviously gives exceptional results, especially with the sacrament of reconciliation. It can even happen that among people accompanying the possessed person, there are some who have various pathologies; for instance cephalgias.

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