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That happened quite unexpectedly, and totally by chance. That is why I pretended at first that the whole proposition didn't interest me at all, and I came up with a “development scenario” which, in keeping with our philosophy at the Stählemühle, foresaw a 100-percent artisanal distillate, made with 100-percent genuine botanicals, with absolutely no additives (aromas or sugar), whose development would take about one-and-a-half to two years, and would require a substantial budget. Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin is truly full of character. I wasn’t looking to branch out into the glass industry; how was I going to afford that? I refused flat out. And so, the idea of making a gin here in Germany appeared to me at this point to be quite logical, since the key ingredients needed for a Schwarzwald Dry Gin were all right here, in the Black Forest. I think it’s another tree. It was a high-volume business, and prolonged development timelines were not financially feasible. Today, of course, this is illegal – both the lingonberry comb, which can damage the plants, and the “organized harvest” of lingonberries, which are a protected plant species. Basically, we came up that evening with a rough sketch of our perfect gin: a contemporary gin, that is, refreshing, and therefore not heavy with grain, but rather possessing a sweet, floral head note, fragrant, flowery but not overly so, with a fresh citrusy “mezzanine” or interim note, a solid heart note of juniper and intense spice emerging on the palate, complex but well harmonized, and a subtle, fruity base note that would resonate with the kind of persistence normally associated only with fruit brandies. Thus I never had to take into account the “saleability” of my distillates, but rather, could concentrate entirely on achieving the best possible quality, the absolute maximum that could be gotten out of all the long-chain fatty acids and terpenes at my disposal, that is to say, the natural aromas of my raw material. In a number of very different sensory and distillation experiments with about 20 different neutral spirits based on agricultural products – wine, potatoes, fruit, sugar beets, and various types of grain – I came to realize the extremely important role that a neutral spirit plays as a source of flavor of, and the base for, a good distilled spirit. Please note that while we take every care to make sure the product information displayed on our website is correct, product recipes are regularly changed. Thanks for a super article. It's that certain something that marries the rich untamed nature of the Black Forest's upper reaches to the extravagance of the British Empire. Of course, I recall with particular pleasure the distillate with the ending digits -403, which would in the end prove to be the prototype for Monkey 47. Having spent some time in the United States, I was saved by the brown paper bags I’d brought back with me, which are the packaging the country’s laws require for purchased alcohol. Need to buy some Fever Tree Tonic before opening the Monkey Gin 47, can’t spoil it! But that question, too, would be quickly settled – once again, due to a coincidence. Strangely enough, however, they say that the rolls tasted a bit different on that February morning back in 2010. Germany is famous for a quite a few things – a sense of humour that’s as celebrated as it is widely recognised around the world, for example – but the number of hours the sun doesn’t spend in hiding is generally not one of them. Developed in medieval monasteries, where alcohol distilled using archaic methods was flavored with juniper berries in order to mask the low quality and taste of the rotgut liquor, the first transformation occurred when the Dutch began making “Genever,” which was marketed by many physicians as a drug with medicinal properties. Hi, I first tried this in Cheshire in a pop up cafe with an acclaimed gin bar. And a Black Forest tradition – preserving spruce shoots in honey – also found its way into Collins's Black Forest Dry Gin. Experiments with fresh lemons and grapefruits followed, and we were thrilled with the results - at first, at least. Gin is a very dynamic distilled spirit whose flavor profile has changed time and again, and has passed through a number of stages of development over the course of hundreds of years. Plus, the Fiery One is even kind enough to provide the necessary fertiliser through its natural dispersal of volcanic ash, which is guaranteed to be free of any additives. in “exile”…. I should have told him that a picture was no problem – but it wouldn’t be of the actual container. Just tried it for the first time a few moments ago. The Monkey had a handsome bottle to call home, the recipe was approved, and the debt I’d amassed to make it all happen promised to be my ticket to going bankrupt with style. I was completely fascinated by Collins's eventful and multifaceted biography – from his beginnings as the well-traveled child of a diplomat, to his years as a soldier and his time in Madras and Berlin, and finally his arrival in the Black Forest, and his transformation from a man of the world to a simple Black Forest restaurateur – right from the moment I first heard the story. This gin would be handcrafted in the traditional manner, and would possess a greater individuality and be finer and more complex than any other gin that had existed up until the present. I had, so to speak, a calling and not a career. Straight. It is, of course, common knowledge that one should not make assumptions about other people's likes and dislikes based on one's own preferences, and I can understand, with some difficulty, that not everyone loves Excel. The underbrush becomes even more impassable when you consider the number of ingredients that are added to contemporary gins. So, it was settled: The Monkey was to take on a complex character. And so the decision was made – per l’ordre de Monkey, as it were – to leave our controversial composition in its original form. Great gin, nice article. In my own defense I should note that when distilling fine fruit brandies, there is no need at all to choose a neutral spirit, as one must do with gin, which is, technically speaking, a “Geist” as defined by European Union rules. Furthermore, while I thought the gentlemen in their custom-tailored suits were nice enough, I didn't think we were on the same wavelength. But you know how fathers are – I was “reminded” over and over again of my filial obligation, and pestered to the point where I got over my allergic reaction to this “Robber Hotzenplotz,” this nice Fidel Castro doppelganger, and was willing to go dance with him around the tree trunks down by Lake Constance. Perhaps it would be smarter, then, to get a somewhat less demanding distiller involved in this project – or was the distiller not a “systemically important” factor in this context? A good gin will always be a good gin, and a bad gin simply a bad gin, irrespective of geographic location. Well, I must say, it is truely the most exciting and complex gin I’ve ever had. This is how an artfully decorated circlet came to adorn every cork and bottle of Monkey 47. All this would certainly be an interesting exercise in purely mathematical terms, but from a distilling perspective, it’s a challenge that’s at least as bewildering as Einstein’s theory of relativity...which makes maintaining your sense of humour all the more important. I was in dire need of a bottle that day, and the fates were standing ready to assist. Baden Württemberg in particular – with more than 23,000 active micro-distilleries! We were only interested in using the peels of fresh lemons and grapefruits, so they needed to be entirely untreated; that meant no fungicides, pesticides, wax, or anything else. But somewhere along the line, all of those products have to be savored, tasted, evaluated and tested – and that's not fun, it's hard work! Yes, that's exactly how it was. I like an aromatic gin, but the monkey isn’t just another branch. The use of the term “London Dry Gin” does not, as is generally believed, denote any connection to the city of London, but rather describes a set of regulations regarding quality standards in the production of a Dry Gin. This is where the world's most renowned distillers work, and where traditional coppersmiths build the world's best distilleries. – has a concentration of distilleries that is unrivaled in its diversity worldwide, and includes establishments that can draw on a centuries-old tradition (actually dating back to protective orders issued by members of the Habsburg dynasty). What I actually wanted to do was to make gin, not set up a hippie commune with some kind of schnapps guru, and romp with him among the tree trunks down by Lake Constance, performing ritual dances. Wow, great article about a superb gin. The reason for this is delightfully simple: The Black Forest region not only benefits from its natural landscape, venerable distilling tradition, and innovative inhabitants, but it also provides essential ingredients, such as pure spring water and exceptionally aromatic berries and varieties of fruit.

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