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Come down, Peppi'. -Sardi, since last night, I don't know if you noticed, I haven't even gone home. I tried to imagine the classic ending where she leaves everything and moves to the country, because she discovered how wonderful it is to be woken up by the rooster. And this is Annuccia, my littlest little sister, Caption 34, Un medico in famiglia S1 EP1 - Casa nuova - Part 1. Gallina vecchia fa buon brodo ([An] old hen makes good broth). 5) We can do 2 exercises with this example. Before looking at the everyday meanings of salutare, we should acknowledge that it does also mean "to salute," as one would salute in the military, or salute the flag. Featuring Danish comedian, Italian/Spanish production. Caption 24, Marika spiega Saluti verbali e a gesti. 3) Io... io so che Karin è andata via apposta. Like all grandmothers, she gives many presents to her grandchildren. Sei mai stata in Francia (have you ever been to France)? Scusi, posso avere il conto, per favore? Let's assume that we're preparing some pasta alla carbonara for four people, so we'll need three hundred grams of bacon, five hundred grams of pasta. Captions 10-14, L'Italia a tavola La pappa al pomodoro - Part 2. In following example, Daniela is pointing out something to her class so she uses the second person plural vi (to you). And when we are translating from English to Italian, we need to call on words we are omitting, so it can get tricky. 5) The above clip is very informal, between brother and sister, but he could have said he hadn't answered the phone. -Sì. Do you remember? Che ore sono, per favore (what time is it, please)? -Grazie. Use both sapere and pensare. So we're talking about dealing with something, facing something, taking something into consideration, taking something into account, or even taking stock. The theme of the party is the eighties, so act accordingly. But that is a very small part of the picture! Story is based on the, Italian production. Era il piccolo Mimmo nella serie serie tanto amata degli anni '2000, oggi Federico Russo è cresciuto e ha proseguito la carriera da attore, con ottimi risultati. Another cognate is of course, informare. Captions 46-48, La Ladra Ep. Huh? Francesco (Francis) could become Franco or Ciccio. A6) Be', ma allora lo dobbiamo  avvisare subito, eh. Although each question refers to the video example preceding it, you might need information from further on in the lesson to answer it properly. The singular would be il mio pollo. Be', ma allora dobbiamo  avvisarlo subito, eh. I can't believe that you would leave without even saying goodbye to us. A volte si chiude una finestra, ma si apre un portone o, come si suol dire, bicicletta nuova, vita nuova. Then we just use the end of it and call someone Pino. ", Bye, everyone, see you next time. E allora ripensando a quella mattina, io mi sono resa conto che Lei entrò nello studio soltanto pochi secondi dopo di noi. Sheriff Bud Collins (, Italian production. A rancher is murdered and five of his friends, led by Tex (, Italian production. A young man (, Italian production. Iscriviti a Facebook per connetterti con Mimmo Vero e altre persone che potresti conoscere. Sometimes taking a look at how our own language works can help, too. Un po' d'aria fresca, i boschi, i ruscelli. 4 - Part 6. Olivetti è sempre riuscito nelle cose che ha intrapreso. And we mentioned a couple of standalone phrases or expressions regarding noticing things, such as: There are other ways to call someone's attention to something, give them information, or a warning about something. United Kingdom/Italian/Spanish production. In a previous lesson we talked about the adverb addosso or di dosso (which bring images of someone on your back). How would you say that? It wasn't an error, but it certainly bears looking at. If you have doubts, write to us! -Mom? Western in black-and-white, Mexican/Spanish production. Io avevo pensato di mettermi il vestito rosso. Typically, one of the cases where Italian uses the conjunction che and English does not is when using the verb "to know." Since we are not talking about hypotheses, but rather statements of fact, we don't use the subjunctive in this case, as we often do after che. We hope these ways for using il conto will be useful to you. If we look up conto in the dictionary, this is what we get: So one very common meaning of il conto is "the bill" or "check" you ask for after eating in a restaurant. Provavo ad immaginare il classico finale dove lei lascia tutto e si trasferisce in campagna, perché ha scoperto quanto è bello farsi svegliare dal gallo. Vado al lavoro in bici (I go to work by bike) ma quando piove vado in macchina (but when it rains I go by car). Brigadiere, what, did you come to say goodbye to me? In the following clip, we have an indirect object pronoun in the Italian, but none in the English. Captions 5-7, Sei mai stata sulla luna? Here's another little scene from the same episode and segment about saying goodbye. Gunfighter Steve Fallon (, French/Italian production. I thought of wearing my red dress. Mi scusi, buon uomo. Varie rate che scadono ogni semestre, perché l'anno dell'u'... l'anno in cui si frequenta l'università è diviso in due semestri. Someone is explaining that fact to a newcomer. It's interesting to note that in Italian, people generally use the formula mi chiamo __________ (literally, "I call myself __________"), in conversation and introductions, rather than il mio nome è __________ (my name is __________). In Italian, we can't omit che, but in English, we can omit its equivalent, sometimes. Ted Barnett (, Italian/Spanish production. Toscani, per favore rispondimi. We can make the clothing connection with the English hyperbolic idiom "giving someone the shirt off one's back," referring to generosity. 1) Va bene, allora seguo anch'io la normale procedura e prima che risponda, chiamo il mio avvocato. Può inoltre derivare dal suono onomatopeico toscano mimmo (al femminile mimma), che vuol dire "bambino"[2]. 2) Can you ask this same question to someone you are on familiar terms with? After a US Army fort has been sacked by Apaches, the settler Paul Driscoll (. A friend will say: If you watch Commissario Manara, you know that the coroner, Ginevra, has a personal way of talking about the dead people she examines. Scendi. It may mean making an extra amount of pasta because you know your dinner guest is a good eater. A gunfighter known as the Blindman (, Italian production. We can use indossare, of course, but we can also use the verb portare (to carry). Captions 73-75, Il Commissario Manara S1EP11 - Beato tra le donne - Part 3. Che bello! This can be a headache for learners: All'entrata del Palazzo Vecchio, ci sono due statue, At the entrance to the Palazzo Vecchio, there are two statues, Caption 23, In giro per l'Italia Firenze - Part 5, Here is what you say when you want to say, "See you next time! They could also say in ferie to mean the same thing. If you are subscribed to Yabla, you will want to check out these two lessons on this topic: Marika spiega - Le preposizioni di luogo - Part 1 of 2, Marika spiega - Le preposizioni di luogo - Part 2 of 2. E poi, se proprio servisse di indossare un abito, posso farlo io. Pino Daniele, the famous singer-songwriter has always gone by the name Pino. On his release from prison, Bill Kiowa (, Italian Production. Uh, sorry Commissioner, but how should we dress? It can be added into a sentence as is, on its own. We can think of farci caso as "making a case out of something," "making an issue of something," "giving something importance.". It's common to use nicknames, partly to distinguish one Giovanni from another, but also to distinguish the size and stature of the person or some other characteristic. It's to become aware of the significance of an oberservation. Bounty hunter Lanky Fellow (, Italian production. A very influential comedy-western, where an outlaw (, Italian/Spanish production. We have seen in many Yabla videos that family and friends will use just the first syllable or two of the name, to make it easier and quicker to say, primarily when speaking directly to the person. The title is a paraphrase of, French/Italian/Mexican production.

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