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Enjoy reading it. Messages from God : from 22.10.20 and 23.1020 LA SUORA VEGGENTE DI AKITA AVREBBE RICEVUTO UN NUOVO MESSAGGIO. MI RACCOMANDO, NIENTE PREGHIERE DI RIPARAZIONE. The intentions of the one who drafted the Report are clear: to pass off responsibility for the promotions of McCarrick to his Predecessors, one of whom is deceased and canonized (John Paul II), the other who is old and weak (Benedict XVI). It is no coincidence that the promotion of the homosexual agenda is part of the globalist project, in conjunction with the destruction of the natural family. A PRIEST, A WITNESS: MCCARRICK MEN STILL RUN THE CHURCH. My Testimony of August 2018 is known to everyone, as well as my subsequent. LA SUORA VEGGENTE DI AKITA AVREBBE RICEVUTO UN NUOVO MESSAGGIO. IBAN:  IT07K3608105138267084567089 18 Novembre 2020WHAT TIES MCCARRICK TO THE PAPAL PLACET TO HOMOSEXUAL UNIONS. This man worships Pachamama. The report goes to great pains to attempt to paint you as somehow lax in investigating the claims of Priest 3. MI RACCOMANDO, NIENTE PREGHIERE DI RIPARAZIONE. McCarrick meanwhile came quietly to Rome, received assignments from the Vatican, including official ones, and carried on with his activities as if nothing had happened. STREAMING. We have seen this with, In a certain way, Bergoglio’s behavior is of the same matrix as that of the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte: both of them, in hindsight, were desired in their roles by the same, If canonically it is unthinkable to excommunicate a Catholic for the mere fact that he wishes to remain so, politically and strategically this abuse would allow Bergoglio to expel his adversaries from the Church, consolidating his own power. I will limit myself to one observation: a few days ago, in the midst of the full-fledged “Covid emergency,” it was possible to celebrate an ecumenical rite in the presence of the faithful and the civil authorities, all wearing masks. Those who do not adapt to this new code will therefore be ostracized by society and by this new “church” as a foreign body. And how can one not think that their repeated attempts at cover-up and denial of their responsibilities are the cause of the systematic effort to discredit me as a witness, in order not to bring to light the complicity and connivances that exist between them and McCarrick himself? An Interview with Marco Tosatti, one of the leading Vaticanista of Italy, who has covered the Vatican for nearly 40 years. As if the moral devastation and the destruction of faith caused by a bishop-predator – lost vocations, priests who in turn repeated the abuse, episcopal appointments distorted by pathological ties – were all only a minor problem. I do not know what Bergoglio has in mind: I limit myself to making sense of his actions and words. […]. THE CRY OF A DOCTOR IN LOMBARDY. He was Secretary of State until September 2006: all information came to him. "Utilizziamo i cookie per essere sicuri che tu possa avere la migliore esperienza sul nostro sito.". It is the writers of the Report themselves who provide the evidence of the deception they have concocted in order to strike me and discredit me. Not a Catholic. Only after my explicit request, did Cardinal Julian Herranz, the head of the Commission, permit me to give a deposition, with these words: “If you really want to…!”. But this was exactly the result that he and the Vatican gay lobby wanted. And let it not be said to me that I had made myself untraceable: the Secretariat of State has my personal email address, which is still active. Nachdem ich vor einigen Jahren Vatican Insider vorschlug, einen Artikel über die Beziehungen des Vaticans zu China zu schreiben, weil es interessante Neuigkeiten gab, habe ich beschlossen, keine Beiträge für Vatican Insider mehr zu schreiben. The corruption of the highest levels of the Vatican is so evident that it leads one to consider the Report as an unworthy attempt to make Bergoglio appear absolutely alien to the manipulations of the Curia, indeed as a sort of implacable persecutor of the corrupt, while the evidence of the facts demonstrates the opposite. Let’s not forget that in this period the scandal of Father Maciel broke out, which Sodano sought to cover up by falsifying a statement of Benedict XVI, in which it was said that the Pope considered the case closed. Chi desidera sostenere il lavoro di libera informazione, e di libera discussione e confronto costituito da Stilum Curiae, può farlo con una donazione su questo conto delle Poste Italiane: The Pope, according to the report, maintains that you did not inform him of McCarrick’s activities or restrictions in June of 2013. Who had an interest in getting McCarrick promoted, so that he could gain an advantage in terms of power and money? Many thanks to Marco Tosatti for consenting to be interviewed We need to make some noise, Make a MESS…like Frank says!

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