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On February 19, 2019, two days before the beginning of the summit presided over by Cardinal Cupich, an Open Letter was published by Cardinals Raymond Burke and Walter Brandmüller to the Presidents of the Bishops’ Conferences: “Before the drift in process, it seems that the difficulty is reduced to that of the abuse of minors…which is, however, only part of a much greater crisis…. Don't follow the fakes! Concerning the 2nd point of DR. GERARD VAN DEN AARDWEG; 2. more important: Mgr. IL LIBRO SUL CELIBATO. Xavier Macfarlane In addition, the Prefecture oversees the appropriate arrangements required each time the Holy Father leaves the Apostolic Palace to visit the city of Rome or travel within Italy. If anything the Cardinals declare themselves for the regime after the manner of TV testimonies of the Soviet or Maoist era. Ho sempre voluto fare il giornalista, mi hanno convinto sin da piccolo che si trattasse di una professione nobile e importante. Harrington concludes by affirming vote-canvassing is a criminalized act. Greek Priest shotgunned at Lyon, France, now between life and death, Organizing a Catholic Political Revolution in the USA, New Catholic Martyr gave extraordinary Witness of Love at Nice, ProAborts demolish Crucifix in Polish Cathedral at Gliwice, Parisians protest the new Lockdown in France, 30 Muslim Turks storm Catholic Church in Vienna. Please, no opinions. I’m always willing to talk to anyone who wants to. And he makes an interesting proposal…. Einer Globalisierung, die auf jedem Gebiet versagt hat: wirtschaftlich, kulturell, sozial, politisch und moralisch. PROPOSTA A PAROLIN: APRA UN’INDAGINE. En raison des polémiques incessantes, nauséabondes et mensongères qui ne se sont jamais arrêtées depuis le début de la semaine, concernant le livre Des profondeurs de nos cœurs, j’ai rencontré ce soir le Pape Émérite Benoît XVI. Misericordia ,mi Obstinately closing his eyes in the face of the evidence, the progressive Marco Politi wrote: “What does the abandonment by the Church of an ethic based on natural law have to do with pedophilia? In all this, the position of Pope Francis seems contradictory: at first he ordered the Cardinal Vicar to close the churches of Rome before Conte issued the Decree; then he embarrassed him, publicly denying it and having them reopened. But these claims have such massive implications, so directly contradict what BXVI has said in the past, and so flagrantly defy what we can see with our own eyes that we need way more than anonymous sourcing. As far as the From Rome blog knows, it has never published speculation as to whether Cardinal Bergoglio was involved, it has speculated whether the reason for the denials is the consequences of UDG 81 regarding all who are involved, regardless of who was involved. It allowed all three Italian Grand Priories (which would be the territorial government bodies which run clinics, welfare facilities, charitable works, and to which the Order of Malta’s Italian Relief Corps [CISOM] is linked) to be managed by “procurators” and not by religious (a form of indirect commissioning). Nov. 25, 2014:  Dr. Austen Ivereigh’s book, The Great Reformer: the Making of a Radical Pope is published in English in the USA/UK (according to and Italian. They should study Lúcia’s person, her persevering work for the Consecration, and the guidance she received from Our Lady. He was ordained an auxiliary bishop without Vatican approval in 1985, though he received Vatican recognition in 2005. Authorized English Translation by FromRome.Info, READ THE ORIGINAL IN ITALIAN AT MARCOTOSATTI.COM. From what you have said, Your Excellency, I seem to understand some of your perplexities about the nature of the Coronavirus: is it my impression or do you believe – as many doctors say – that someone wanted to take advantage of the pandemic for other purposes? Oportet illum regnare. It is also responsible for arranging Pontifical ceremonies – except liturgical celebrations – as well as the Spiritual Retreat of the Holy Father, the College of Cardinals and the Roman Curia. This Report adds the names of 2 more Cardinals, Sean O’Malley (Boston) and Christoph Schönborn of Vienna, and reports the implications of UDG 81. Apologies for taking so long to reply to your question made on 30th Msrch…. After the resignation he was not, as people called him, “the caregiver” of Benedict XVI. V. falls victim here to a stubborn pious myth. Marco Tosatti und Gotti Tedeschi: Jetzt ist es Zei... Päpstliche Pläne nach der Covid-19-Pandemie. Abp. It is Our Lady Herself, in fact, who asks us to pay attention to Her words, left in our own days at Fatima, in which She speaks, both of the Holy Father, and of a Bishop dressed in white. I surmised that just a few years ago you would not even want to talk with someone who considered Benedict the true Pope and Bergoglio an Anti-pope. I love England ,but sorry i have an Seelenbalsam: Benedikt landet in Edinburgh, Die Apostolische Nuntiatur spricht Klartext. The focused on the cover, which Diat had published, saying that here he wanted to make an “operation against the Pope,” that is, against Pope Francis. After about ten years he is the undisputed leader on Wall Street, with the longest lines of customers (though served quickly) at his already numerous food carts in the quarter. I do believe in a future great crisis in the Church, a crisis greater than anything that has gone before, and foretold by Our Lady at various recognised apparition sites and by some renowned saints and holy mistics. Therefore, we encourage you to raise your voice to safeguard and proclaim the integrity of the doctrine of the Church.”[30] What result came from this appeal of the eminent Prelates? Salus populi romani: November 1, 2020 — Live from Rome! ", aus der Kurie und aus dem Apostolischen Palast, aus der Kurie und aus dem Apostolischen Palast und der Casa Santa Marta, Unter dem Patronat des Gottfried von Bouillon gegen die Suppenspucker, Handelsblatt zum geplanten „Schutz“-Gesetz, Nach seiner Rückkehr ließ er die Diener, denen er das Geld gegeben hatte, zu sich rufen. Dec. 8, 2014:  The From Rome blog publishes, Public Questions for the Vatican that need to be Answered, which lists 4 questions asked of Mr. Greg Burke, Senior Communications officers at the Vatican Secretary of State, and awaits his response. Dear Sir, Aber weil der höchste Amtsträger der Kirche von bekannt inkompetenten Leuten beraten wird (auf allen Gebieten, Theologie, Finanzen, Doktrin....), zeigt er wiederholt, daß er nichts von Wirtschaftsargumentation weiß, er verwechselt Ursache und Wirkung und schlägt vor allem falsche Lösungen vor, die die angesprochene Situation noch verschlimmern werden. (For the Italian Original, click the link below). Enter your email address to follow From Rome and receive notifications of new posts by email. Some might think that his words are “divisive” at a time when it is easy to exasperate the already proven souls of the citizens. Both academics and experts of things theological, as well as simple faithful, have noted how, from the date of March 13, 2013, even unto today, there has been created an unheard of situation, never before happening in the two thousand year history of the Church: the co-existence and co-habitation in the Vatican of two popes. The resignation of Pope Benedict was for believing Catholics a true occasion of psychological shock. . Marco Tosatti Sono nato a Genova; ho vissuto a Torino, Genova e – ormai da molti anni – a Roma. Any official Vatican information on COVID-19 is lacking. January 5, 2015:  The From Rome blog publishes, Canon 171 can invalidate a Papal Election, in which there is presented an English translation of the commentary by a noted canonist, Fr. In passing, we can note that among the yelps and barkings of the pro-regime press in the first hours of this controversy they were speaking of a manipulation by the “entourage” of Pope Benedict. I hope my message can be forwarded to Archbishop Vigano. Unfortunately for him, even Sandri let himself be involved by Sodano in this coverup operation for the horrible misdeeds of Maciel. C.M. COVID 19: MEDICI DI TUTTO IL MONDO CONTRO LA FOLLIA. Cf., [28], [30], [31], cf, [32], Tag: abuse, church, maradiaga, mccarrick, pena parra, vigano. There was a lot of interest in the story, but it was always or nearly always only of a political nature. But why write it, we wonder? Bis gestern war es der Katholischen Kirche untersagt, sich um die Wirtschaft zu kümmern, sie sollte nur über das Gewissen reden- so sehr, daß alle Sozialenzykliken der vorangehenden Päpste von der säkularen Welt wütend angegriffen wurden.

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