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I wonder if Bergoglio himself, who was unknown to many people until March 13, 2013, is not being blackmailed by those who benefit with such impunity from his clemency. This principle also applies to the Church.”[13]. Catholics know that the Church must retrace the footsteps of her Head, Jesus Christ, along the way of His Passion and Cross, and that the end times will be marked by a great apostasy that will strike the ecclesial Body even up to its highest levels. UNE ASCENSION AU POUVOIR LUCIDE. destroy the Catholic priesthood, corrupting the souls of the Ministers of God. The freedom of movement given to McCarrick was also [17] to moral perversion and political corruption. In 2001, Gastón Guisandes López twice requested to meet with the Apostolic Nuncio to Venezuela, Msgr. A PRIEST, A WITNESS: MCCARRICK MEN STILL RUN THE CHURCH. The attack that was initially launched from the outside against the Catholic monolith has evolved, from the Second Vatican Council onwards, into an action of widespread infiltration by means of the, In the past few weeks, the press has reported the news of the umpteenth Vatican financial scandal, following which Jorge Mario Bergoglio removed Giovanni Angelo Becciu from his official posts and deprived him of the prerogatives of cardinals. [23] And let’s not forget the work of Archbishop Ilson de Jesus Montanari, Secretary of the Congregation of Bishops, Secretary of the Sacred College and vice-Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church, in the name of and on behalf of those who elevated him to the highest ranks of the Roman Curia as a reward for his fidelity. clear and dutiful condemnation of the homosexual behaviors which are often the Celle d'aligner, les uns après les autres, tous les éléments concrets, utiles, et non passés par les mains de spécialistes de l'apologie des vivants, pour reconstituer l'histoire de ce qui restera probablement dans l'histoire comme l'un des pontificats les plus discutables et débattus des derniers siècles.Si le livre a un défaut, c'est celui de ne pas être plus long et plus détaillé. Bishops’ Conference, was disavowed with little regard by the Vatican I recall Peña Parra was denounced to the police by the parents of the two young men and was examined by the Rector of the Major Seminary, Rev. Lingering doubts about the proper conduct of court proceedings only harm the reputation and the functioning of an institution. forget that the legitimization of homosexuality is part of the agenda of the Marco Tosatti: The convocation of the summit at the Vatican was announced as the occasion of giving a firm and determined response to the clergy sexual scandals. C'est-à-dire qu'il s'agit d'un noble pseudonyme, sous lequel se cache une personne qui préfère ne pas être identifiée. [23] Coordinates. The interests are therefore clearly those of the “gay lobby” that has infiltrated into the Church and that is literally terrified that good pastors will shed light on the influence that it exercises in the Secretariat of State, in the Congregations of the Roman Curia, in the Dioceses, and over the entire Church. Fabian Pedacchio, who was suddenly removed and vanished into thin air; and the scandals that emerge daily about the homosexual lobby in the Vatican: all of these elements suggest that the Argentine wants to legitimize LGBTQ ideology not only in order to support the globalist agenda and demolish the immutable principles of Catholic morality, but also in order to decriminalize the crimes and abuses of his collaborators, protecting the magic circle that involves Maradiaga, Pineda, Peña Parra, Zanchetta, and the entire Vatican lavender mafia. But what is even more disturbing is the fact that Bergoglio chose a collaborator accused of such grave crimes for such an important role in the Church. prelates, when they are the ones who have taken power and who are promoted to Marco the moments in which it risks becoming embarrassing in the media, as in the They want to focus attention on the abuse of minors, moving it away from the C'était le cas à Buenos Aires, c'est le cas à Rome, grâce à "un réseau de mensonges, d'intrigues, d'espionnage, de méfiance et, plus que toute autre chose, de peur". UN LIBRO DE BRUNO VOLPE. This solemn affirmation is disavowed by the most emblematic case, the very case On the other hand, these three regime for the resignation of Pope Benedict? ad esempio In addition to writing for CFN, Mr. Gaspers has also been published by The Fatima Crusader, OnePeterFive, and LifeSiteNews. investigations of the ecclesiastical forum to be entrusted to a Masonic judge Prior to such an important appointment, a rigorous process of gathering information is carried out in order to verify a candidate’s suitability. See become the object of a coup d’état with the complicity of COVID 19: MEDICI DI TUTTO IL MONDO CONTRO LA FOLLIA. Nous faisons cette hypothèse en nous basant sur le fait que ses références sont de préférence à des sources en anglais. But what is even more disturbing is the fact that Bergoglio chose a collaborator accused of such grave crimes for such an important role in the Church. of the entire Chilean Episcopate is part of a facade operation that is clearly See below for the full interview text, which Catholic Family News is pleased to reprint from Mr. Tosatti’s website with permission: The commitment of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America, to denounce the veil of silence and cover-ups in the management of abuse cases by members of the clergy, is well known. But it would be McCarrick will never officially come to light. would demonstrate its inconsistency. recall, en passant, that Cupich was imposed on the See of Chicago Abp. I believe the close link between sodomy and pedophilia, which is also confirmed by the Viganò: I am speaking of the political role of McCarrick, which the latest article by Church Militant also mentions: “It was McCarrick who worked out the Vatican-China accord, a mission given to him personally by Pope Francis. The spicy and annoyed response by the Vatican authorities – and in particular of various prelates – to the well-argued refutations of the combative prelate is also well known. [25]; carrying this discussion forward who have manifested without equivocation that Abp. And not only this: it should also be recalled that in December 2017 Maradiaga entrusted the governance of the Archdiocese to Pineda during his prolonged absence from the diocese, and furthermore that the majority of his Auxiliary Bishop’s sexual encounters took place at Villa Iris, the cardinal’s residence.

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