hameau de la reine

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The Hameau de la Reine is a rustic retreat in the park of the Château de Versailles built for Marie Antoinette in 1783 near the Petit Trianon in Yvelines, France. Marie Antoinette commissioned the hamlet in 1783, and it took three years to complete- such was the scale of the project. "[13] The queen was accused by many of being frivolous, and found herself a target of innuendos, jealousy and gossip throughout her reign. The dovecote and pigeon coops were near the lake. The hameau consisted of a variety of cottages and buildings built in different styles and each with a specific … Paris: Vendome, 1978. The interior decoration was simple and neat. Learn how your comment data is processed. [3] Richard Mique modified the landscape design to provide vistas of lawn to west and north of the Petit Trianon, encircled by belts of trees. Image credit: Alex Drop/Flickr. While Sophia tragically died in infancy (only one of Marie Antoinette’s four children survived to adulthood), the rumours persisted and were never fully dispelled. She wore flour wigs when her people went without bread, and dressed in indienne, a textile of Indian origin that was so popular that the Royal French Ordinance had it outlawed in the 17th century to protect local French woolen and silk cloth industries. There is no contemporary evidence for Marie Antoinette or her entourage pretending to be peasants, shepherdess or farmers. Maison du garde 7. The Queen's house and billiard room is situated in the middle of the Hamlet, and it is the largest and most important building. Perfumed Soap 100g coconut butter and white clay based. Image credit: Rolf E. Staerk/Shutterstock.com, Landscape view of the Marlborough Tower overlooking the lake in Hameau de la Reine. The Queen would often wear a straw Bergère hat and a fichu alongside a Polonaise gown; the term Polonaise referring to the dress of Polish shepherdesses who would hoist and drape their overskirts in two or three loops in order to keep their dress clean while farming. Construction, Dilapidation & Reconstruction of Hameau de la Reine Marie Antoinette commissioned the hamlet in 1783, and it took three years to complete- such was the scale of the project. She was gifted the mansion aged just 19 (she married Louis XVI age 15 and was executed age 37) by her then 20-year-old husband. The rooms at the hameau allowed for more intimacy than the grand salons at Versailles or at the Petit Trianon. When the French Revolution came, Marie Antoinette was arrested and charged with depleting the wealth of the nation leading to starvation of the people, as well as conspiracy against the state and was condemned to death. Although for Marie Antoinette, the hameau was an escape from the regulated life of the Court at Versailles, in the eyes of French people, the queen seemed to be merely amusing herself. The hameau consisted of a variety of cottages and buildings built in different styles and each with a specific function. The place was completely enclosed by fences and walls, and only intimates of the Queen were allowed to access it. Boudoir 12. Finally, in 2006, the restoration works were complete and the hamlet opened up to the public. Each façade of the building is decorated slightly differently. One of the two diaries were destroyed during the First Empire. Please check out my, Ultimate Guide to Travel & Blogging Resources, ticket to both the Palace, Gardens and Trianon Estate, FIREFLIES ON THE WATER: STEPPING INTO YAYOI KUSAMA’S SHIMMERING CREATION, VINTAGE SHOPPING IN PARIS: L’OBJET QUI PARLE, FATED LOVE IN PERE LACHAISE CEMETERY: THE STORY OF HELOISE AND ABELARD. Here, she lived in relative privacy in comparison with the crowds of Versailles (yes, there were always plenty of people in the Palace, even during the time of Louis XVI). On the ground floor, paved with single slabs of stone, the building includes a backgammon room and a dining room. These included a dovecot, a boudoir, a mill, two dairies, a farm, a grange, a guardhouse, a tower (used purely for decoration and named after the popular song of the time ‘Malborough’), a boudoir, a billiard room, and even a rechauffoir (a room dedicated solely to preparing the queen’s meals in the hamlet). Marie Antoinette had her own house, connected to the pool. It’s also here, in the secluded privacy of her own mansion, Le Petit Trianon, that Marie Antoinette allegedly conducted affairs with various counts and nobles. The Preparation Dairy was destroyed during the First Empire. Its construction is innovative: two rustic buildings are connected by a covered gallery that is curved in a half-moon shape. This circular tower on the shores of the lake is mainly decorative. The basement is used for storage, but the top part of the tower has a fairytale-esque design. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Image credit: Alex Drop/Flickr. Marie was impressed by Hameau de Chantilly and wanted one for herself, where she could escape from the drudgery of royalty.

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