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When I first opened the bottle, I was immediately in love with the citrus aroma. I love this gin!!! 209 Barrel Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, No. It’s also pretty good mixed with our homemade lemonade and blended with ice in the summer! I just got into the whole gin obsession thing about 4-5 months ago. Hardly compares to Tanquery. You would be amazed with what you can do with gin. Much stronger than Beefeater, Gordon’s etc. But they also use a traditional pot still method where botanicals are macerated for 24 hours (all but the rose and cucumber) and distilled. I tried mixing this with grapefruit perrier. Does anyone have any ideas for something simpler- say something with lime juice, orange juice, etc. Great site. But the history of what it meant when it launched, and just how much impact Hendrick’s has had on the modern gin market should not be forgotten. I will start with a G&T to fairly compare to how I mostly drink my Gin. Not to be a purist on the juniper, but there is no juniper in this whatsoever. Based on numerous reviews and the ever present desire to explore new gin martini frontiers, I bought a bottle about a year ago. The palate exudes a backbone of a very classic gin. I normal gravitate towards regular Bombay or Plymoth…but there is something about New Amsterdam that is appealing. Someone give me some ideas so I don’t have to pour this out just to save the bottle. New Amsterdam is drinkable, but there is an aftertaste. It is also overpriced. Thanks! I bet it was much better in 1999 than nowadays, when it’s produced much bigger quantities. Am I just imagining it or is there vanilla in this stuff too? I’m not a huge gin fan, but I do drink Bombay at times. So whats this all got to do with New Amsterdam Gin. When I read the reviews on this site about the various gins, it reminds me of the opinions of those who drink Chardonnay wine – they will fight to the death about whether “oaky” or “buttery” are desirable traits for a Chardonnay. I wish I’d read the reviews before buying but I’ll save for friends that don’t like gin. It likely needs no introduction. It’s a great change from other gins, great semi-sweet orange vanilla flavor… I think the harsh comments are from people that are not open minded enough to experience good gin in a slightly different way…just because it does not taste like your favorite brand does not make it a bad gin!! a very simple drink to make with this stuff, that I think taste very good, is simply mixing it with Fresca…. Those above are right. Whew here in Maine it looks like we might be getting a hurricane, so I decided I’d better stock up on liquor – just bought a jug of this stuff on a whim (hey – it was on sale) and went home and mixed up a martini. One particular cocktail to me seems to have emerged as a gin drink of choice in places where you might not normally see people drinking gin nor cocktails. They give out coupons for gin in Arizona?! latest report on Consumer Taste Preferences in Gin. It has notes of whatever that liquid is that a cucumber leaves at the bottom of your fridge as it enters its death throes and final incontinence. So I’m not sure those who believe it tastes a bit artificial are correct. tastes good…………………….with my mind on my money and my money on my mind. I do like the flavor as well. We find it to be an interesting change of pace for or summer time G&Ts. I drink a lot of G&T’s so I found this gin to be perfect because of its price point and for its more interesting citrus flavors. Being relatively new to gin drinking, I came to the game unencumbered by all of what long time gin drinkers carry with them in terms of what gin “should” taste like. (full disclosure: there isn’t a spirit I haven’t at least tried to mix with Coca Cola; the only one that absolutely didn’t work for me was Scotch). It’s a drink that would be okay with vodka, but the slightly herbal, gin notes add a little extra something to it. Moved to Hendricks for special occcasions after being wowed by it at my favorite Mexican Restaurant (La Serenata de Garibaldi on 4th St. in Santa Monica, CA) a few years ago. Too much cucumber. The website basically uses it like they would a white rum in a daiquiri, or in highball cocktails heavy on the fruit, which makes sense. And whatever that taste is kind of does a disservice to gin. I respect the reviews of those who give me more substance and who acknowledge in their review that others may have a different opinion and that is fine with them. The real James Bond, like Ian, drank Gordans. My wife insists on nothing less than Hendricks…so there it is…over and out. -H. I wish I had read these comments before I impulsively purchased Amsterdam.

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