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Khloé Kardashian with a crocodile version of the Hermès Birkin. When the actress's top-handle basket bag tipped over, pouring all of its contents on the floor, Dumas felt inspired to design the icon a bag that was equally as stylish as her signature style but would actually stay closed—so inspired, in fact, that he drew the initial design on an aeroplane sick bag (chic) right then and there. This is yet another Birkin piece that broke records in 2015, by becoming the most expensive bag ever sold at auction in Hong Kong (are you sensing a common theme here?). Indeed, it seems that a Birkin's worth just keeps going up. A fresh take on sports: the biggest news and most entertaining lists. The RealReal is the world's #1 luxury consignment online store. Alessandra Ambrosio with a Birkin bag in black.Â. Related: The 10 Richest Families in Show Business. Kim Kardashian West even let her daughter North customise one of hers in what has to be the most expensive arts-and-crafts session of all time.Â. We carry a comprehensive selection of Hermes Birkin high-fashion women's handbags with exclusive discounts. And there's no better example of this than the insane amount of bags they get to choose from. Now, just over 40 years later, Hermes Birkin produces handbags that are some of the most esteemed purses across the globe and has further branched into the accessory market with collections of watches, jewelry, men's bags, and more. Even if that bag is bright pink and...oh right, a Birkin!. Even though it fails to include precious stones and materials, it does feature silvery-white palladium hardware. When looking for a Birkin bag for sale at discounted rates, is your solution. Click Here for COVID-19 Update. As Vestiare co-founder Fanny Moizant succinctly puts it, "Anything that is hard to get is highly coveted, and there's a mystery around the bags, which makes them even more sought-after. Hermes Birkin Bags. The Brighton Blue model was auctioned at $113,525, which was a record-breaking number eight years ago. Next: Kim Kardashian's 10 Most Expensive Looks. This was second most expensive handbag ever sold at auction—the record was broken in 2018 when the Matte Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Birkin 35 with 18k White Gold & Diamond Hardware went for a colossal £236,750. Plus, the diamond sling is detachable and wearable as a bracelet or necklace. No two bags are quite the same, and when we're talking about something of Birkin's caliber, this statement could not be truer. Birkin Bags can be pretty pricey but these 10 bags are the absolute pinnacle when it comes to cost. This piece could easily blind an innocent bystander - it includes 2000 diamonds on the outer shell, plus an 8 karat detail that you can actually wear as a brooch. Since then, Baghunter has conducted a new report which finds a growing gap between demand and supply of Birkin handbags, leading to a “mini-Hermès … Jane Birkin with a basket bag instead of her namesake creation. And there's also the minor detail of its materials. A sentiment we can (kind of) relate to. There is an entire market solely based off of these accessories that, in many cases, can make an outfit go from just okay to absolutely fantastic. Back in 2016, this bag became so popular that Forbes dedicated an entire article to the model. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. Related: 10 Of The Most Expensive Apartments In Europe. And maybe not even then! When the Birkin Bags were first introduced to the world, they quickly established themselves as the symbol of opulence and wealth. However, it takes one step further in regards to the ones we previously mentioned in this list. British actress Jane Birkin, sitting next to Jean-Louis Dumas, Executive Chairman of Hermès (1978-2006), was complaining that she couldn’t find a bag suitable for her needs as a young mother. It's not what the common mortal could afford for a bag, but let's call it one of those "treat yourself moments" in life. Closing downs this luxurious list is the most expensive Birkin bag known to mankind. It's difficult to get nature and recognisability make it the perfect flashy piece for those who love the spotlight. We love versatile accessories! It's widely known you can't just stroll into any Hermès shop and expect one of the pristine shop assistants to lift the red ropes and present you with a with a selection of Birkin bags to choose from. Dumas informed Birkin that she needed a bag that would fit all of her child's bottles, which resulted in a new design, the first-ever Hermes Birkin … To understand how the Birkin bag became such a hot-ticket item, keep scrolling. And the perfect example of this is the Hermes Birkin Bag by Ginza Tanaka, designed by, you guessed it, Ginza Tanaka. Ashley Olsen with a larger Birkin bag in tan.Â. Related: 10 Of The Most Expensive Apartments In North America. Only two of these are made every year. It's also one of the few that isn't incrusted with some sort of extremely expensive material, which explains the modest price tag of $36,000. Curiously enough, when the Metallic Bronze Chèvre model was produced in 2005, it retailed for $10,000. Looking for something a bit more realistic? Dumas informed Birkin that she needed a bag that would fit all of her child's bottles, which resulted in a new design, the first-ever Hermes Birkin handbag. A born … Monday - Friday: 8am - 6pm With a price-tag of $1.9 Million, you can pretty much forget owning one of these unless you save for a few decades. Yet another Birkin bag that broke auction records in Europe is the Dark Blue Crocodile Skin model. Baghunter shared that between June 2016 and 2017, the value of Birkins on the resale market rose by 16%. Why the enormous price tag, you might ask? The Blood Red Hermès Braise Birkin includes everything you'd expect from such an exclusive bag. Completely made out of rose gold and encrusted with over two thousand diamonds, this bag alone includes more precious stones than most of us will ever see in our lifetimes. The anonymous buyer ended up dropping an incredible $298,00 for this extremely hard to find piece. Still, a price tag that would make the most price-conscious buyers out there roll their eyes to the back of their heads, it's far from being the final price-tag that put this particular bag on the map.

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