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dell'informativa sulla privacy. The town, in the implementation of a recovery plan of the village, has been setted up, since the spring of 2011, for a guided tour route, along a made safe route, which allows you to walk the main street of the town, to get at what remains of the old main square, sunk following the landslide. E quindi in sostanza a portare a termine la mia prima Basilicata Coast to Coast. The consequences of this bloody repression were serious for the city: in addition to the devastating fire and the loss of the citizen archive, it worked the transfer of all state aids (hospital, court and law enforcement) to the minor centers neighboring ( Lagonegro and Trecchina). Then the center had almost 2,000 inhabitants. Cost per person *: In his autobiographical novel "Christ Stopped at Eboli", the writer Carlo Levi describes the procession of the Madonna of Viggiano. Journey time: about 5 hours (excluding  visits). La tua iscrizione è andata a buon fine. Separed by a dolomitic chain, all flesh-colored rocks, dotted with semi-abandoned villages, crumbling castles and ancient Saracen towers, a wooded slope passed by rivers and streams and buried under the foliage of oaks and chestnut trees. Se vuoi aggiornamenti su Viaggi Low Cost inserisci la tua email nel box qui sotto: Compilando il presente form acconsento a ricevere le informazioni Il percorso; 200000 passi in Basilicata. As a religious center houses the shrine of the Black Madonna, which is one of the spiritual centers and most important Marian faith of the South. According to historians Giovanni Colangelo, Nicola Tommasini and Giovanni Tramice, the worship of the image of the Virgin was already widespread in the sixteenth century and was also in charge of the sanctuary Pope Julius II. Black Madonna of Viggiano's Sacro Monte church: presumably it was built in the fourteenth century, in the place where legend tells about the discovery of the statue of the Madonna. Qui parte l’itinerario alla scoperta della Basilicata coast to coast. Anche se in realtà ho percorso più chilometri in altre "circostanze", come quella del Cammino di Santiago, guardare la mappa … In 1890, Pope Leone XIII crowned the Madonna of Viggiano's Mount "Patroness and Queen" of Lucania. Because of a landslide of vast proportions, in 1963 Craco began to be evacuated and the inhabitants moved to the valley in "Craco Peschiera." Percorso. Its coast, set in a unique geographical and environmental location , is variegated of inlets and caves, rocks and shallows. Waiting for Basilicata.... Costi. Itinerario coast to coast per scoprire la Basilicata. The investiture was reaffirmed by Pope Paolo VI in 1965: "It is known that in the territory of the diocese of Potenza and Marsico there is a Holy Temple, almost august palace, dear to all the people of Lucania, dedicated to the Blessed Mother of God Maria of Viggiano's Mount. Download its GPS track and follow the route on a map. In 1972 a flood further worsened the situation, preventing a possible repopulation of the historic center, and after the earthquake of 1980 Craco old was completely abandoned. Scanzono Jonico: spiagge meravigliose, location da sogno. Nights in hotels with half board treatment. Maratea is the only municipality of the province to look out over the sea, stretching for about 32 km on the Tyrrhenian Sea. We will cross the Basillicata from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Ionian Sea, through landscapes such as Maratea and Craco, and countries such as Aliano and Viggiano, with its Black Madonna, or the remains of the center of Craco, the ghost town. Transfer by private shuttle from Naples to Maratea and from Scanzano Jonico to Naples on request, *booking and more info send an email to:​, **for this tour, I Rent Bike gives you a trekking bike, flowing and comfortable for long routs with mixed path, Locations open only for delivery and retreats by reservation, Scafati (Na) - Via Dante Alighieri 15, 84018, Vico Equense (Na) - Corso Filangieri 80069, Piano di Sorrento (Na) - Via delle Rose 35, 80063, Amalfi (Sa) - Piazzale dei Protontini 6, 84011, Santa Maria di Castellabate - Via Sant'Andrea, 2, 84048, San Giorgio del Sannio (BN) - Via delle Cesine 9, 82018, mobile +39 3774975416  It is also known as the place of extraction and refining of oil and the presence of the largest oil platform in Europe, which contributed largely to making Italy the third largest oil producer in Europe, after Great Britain and Norway. It is bordered on the north by the municipalities of Stigliano (14 km) and Gorgoglione (20 km), on the east with Sant'Arcangelo (PZ) (17 km), on the south by Roccanova (PZ) (21 km) and west  with Missanello (PZ ) (14 km). Mappa del sito. Basilicata Coast to Coast cammino a piedi è la proposta di pacchetto di trekking “Basilicata coast to coast”, che prende il nome evocativo di goBasilicata Coast to Coast, è stato realizzato da guide esperte del posto tenendo presente i luoghi tracciati nel film e la bellezza del territorio lucano. -low season € 870,00 It is part of the Montana Matera Hills. Piccola regione italiana, la Basilicata ha un territorio molto variegato, nonostante le sue dimensioni ridotte: questo la trasforma in una meta poliedrica che si adatta perfettamente a tutte le esigenze di viaggio. There are vary type of territories, with a predominance of the gullies, deep grooves cut in a chalky soil from the downhill run of rainwater. Its geographical location, in a narrow transit area between Campania and Calabria, favors trade and migration flows through the territory. Itinerario Basilicata coast to coast. Journey time whit stops: about 6 hours (including visits). In 2010, the village has entered in the list of monuments to be safeguarded drawn up by the World Monuments Fund. We will have time to visit such wonders as the sanctuary of Viggiano, with its Black Madonna, or the remains of the center of Craco, the ghost town abandoned after the events of the '60 landslide. Is 94 km from Matera and 83 km from Potenza. Iniziamo con un po’ di relax in spiaggia e un giro turistico alla scoperta della masseria settecentesta di Recoleta e la Chiesa dell’Assunta. In its territory there are many gullies. These buildings, perhaps founded by the Basilian had reached a certain importance because of way station on the road - or should  say a tratture - that Atena Lucana through Brienza, leading to Marsico. Black Madonna of Viggiano's Sacro Monte church: In 1890, Pope Leone XIII crowned the Madonna of Viggiano's Mount "Patroness and Queen" of Lucania. in questo coast to coast nella Basilicata… » Journey time: about 6 hours (excluding  visits). Cerca nel sito. It is bordered on the north by the municipalities of Stigliano (14 km) and Gorgoglione (20 km), on the east with Sant'Arcangelo (PZ) (17 km), on the south by Roccanova (PZ) (21 km) and west  with Missanello (PZ ) (14 km). In questo caso specifico abbiamo deciso di fare con voi un itinerario “coast to coast”, dallo Jonio al Tirreno e viceversa per scoprire tutte le bellezze di questa regione, un po’ come nell’omonimo film, ma senza tutte le situazioni assurde del genere e con molto più spirito d’avventura come se fossimo in America sulla Route 66. In the sixties, the old town has experienced an evacuation that made it a veritable ghost town. La strampalata impresa li vedrà percorrere strade secondarie sullo sfondo di paesaggi rurali incontaminati e di piccoli paesi sperduti, nell'intento di trascorrere dieci giorni lontano dalla quotidianità delle proprie vite. In the old town, which reveals typical signs of medieval times, with houses clinging to the hillside, open characteristic corners and the winding alleyways and narrow streets that create arches, underpasses, porches and warm and harmonious architectural motifs. In queste immagini trovi … The first known document that mentions the church dates back to 1393: it is an act in which  Thomas Bono Iurno of Viggiano gave to the church ten beads pro Luminaris. The gullies of Aliano: The gullies are a geomorphological phenomenon of soil erosion that occurs due to the effect of run-off water of degraded shales, with poor vegetation cover and therefore not protected by the runoff. Viggiano: Italian town of 3,329 inhabitants located along the western ridge of Val d'Agri in the western part of the province of Potenza in Basilicata at an elevation of 948 m s.l.m. Journey time: about 4 hours (excluding  visits). The route retraces the steps carried out by Rocco Papaleo in the movie "Basilicata coast to coast", through landscapes like Maratea and Sapri, and great history countries as Aliano. Imagine dozens and dozens of kilometers of rugged cliffs with caves, rocks and smooth beaches in front of the most spectacular of the seas, now opened wide and open, now closed as sparse small docks.

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