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But of the smaller group, which could still destroy cities, we’ve only detected roughly 30 percent of the estimated 25,000 objects, according to a report from the National Science and Technology Council. NASA said: "A relatively small number of near-Earth objects pass close enough to Earth and are large enough in size to warrant close observation. That’s why NASA is launching a spacecraft next year to conduct the first test of one promising strategy for stopping a killer asteroid: Hit it while it’s still far enough way to alter its course. NASA also estimates the asteroid measures somewhere between 1.11 miles and 2.54 miles (1.8km and 4.1km) across. "Note that a 'close' passage astronomically can be very far away in human terms: millions or even tens of millions of kilometres. After a few hundred years, astronomers can’t calculate exactly where 1998 OR2 will be. The asteroid rock, 1998 OR2 is still too far away from our planet and estimated to pass our Earth on April 29 and predicted to come with a safe distance which is more than 16 times the average distance between the Earth and the moon. NASA classifies anything over 140 meters (about 459 feet) wide that passes within five million miles of Earth as a potentially hazardous asteroid. This week at the 2019 Planetary Defense Conference in College Park, Maryland, scientists are gathering to discuss observation plans and science opportunities for the celestial event still a decade away. Fortunately, additional observations refined the orbit and completely ruled out that possibility. Asteroid news: A 4km asteroid will zip through Earth's corner of space this month, Asteroid close approach: Some space rocks fly closer to Earth than others, Did the Bible warn of an asteroid impact? Although the threat of an asteroid collision is slim for now, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine warned there may be a deadly asteroid in the near future. On April 29, it will pass within 3,908,791 miles of Earth, moving at 19,461 miles per hour. The space rock named 1998 OR2 is the biggest recorded asteroid and has proximity to the Earth on April 29th. NASA considers an asteroid potentially hazardous if it measures more than 492ft (150m) across and approaches Earth from within 4.6 million miles (7.5 million km). With radar observations, we might be able to see surface details that are only a few meters in size.”. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. Dr. Lori Glaze Express. Hubble spies evidence for 'missing link', NASA shares heavenly image of stars being BORN in deep space, SpaceX shock: Watch the dramatic moment Starship test rocket collapses. Thankfully, the space agency is not currently listing the asteroid on their Earth Impact Monitoring page, a list detailing the objects most likely to collide with the planet. You can also choose to be emailed when someone replies to your comment. On the night of the flyby, you will be able to watch it live online with the Virtual Telescope Project. First spotted in 1998, the asteroid named 52768 (1998 OR2) will come within 3,908,791 miles of Earth. Scripture expert reveals all, NASA news: CANNIBAL galaxy with 'violent secret' snapped by Hubble. Due to the sheer scale of this comment community, we are not able to give each post the same level of attention, but we have preserved this area in the interests of open debate. At closest approach, just before 6 p.m. EDT, Apophis will be over the Atlantic Ocean – and it will move so fast that it will cross the Atlantic in just an hour. Bill Dunford, Animations: Grand Finale and end of mission, Saturn's Moon Enceladus Poster - Version B. Traveling at nearly 20,000 miles an hour, 1998 OR2 will pass within four million miles of our planet this week, or roughly 16 times farther than the moon. Earth has captured a tiny object from its orbit around the Sun and it's probably a Centaur upper stage rocket booster. The near-Earth asteroid 1998 OR2 is at least 1.5 kilometers across and will pass 16 lunar distances away on April 29, 2020. Phillips Davis "That's because the gravitational tug of the planets could, over time, cause an object's orbital path to evolve into an Earth-crossing orbit. Four astronauts are heading to the International Space Station following launch on the first NASA-certified commercial human spacecraft system. Asteroid news: NASA knows of no space rock threatening to hit Earth, Asteroid close approach: NASA's list of NEO 'close approaches' this month, WATCH fireball so bright it shook the ground in Croatia, Alien discovery: Two 'bases' spotted on Mars, Life on Mars: 'Alien lizard' on Mars 'unlike anything' on Earth, Gianluca Masi already managed to snap a picture of OR2, you will be able to watch it live online with the Virtual Telescope Project, Asteroid flyby: Mountain-sized rock will pass Earth in April, Fireball EXPLODES over English Channel in 'amazing' display, Black hole breakthrough?

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