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ANGELUS. Those who convert to this choice, after having experienced sin, will find the first places in the Kingdom of heaven, where there is greater joy for a single sinner who repents than for ninety-nine righteous people (cf. In this Sunday's Gospel passage (cf. No, this is not Jesus’ teaching. I greet the refugees and migrants present in the Square around the monument entitled “Angels, unawares” (cf. May the Lord sustain your commitment! God is patient with each of us: he does not tire, he does not desist after our “no”; he leaves us free even to distance ourselves from him and to make mistakes. In my land we say: “A good face in bad weather”. This is why it is important to accustom oneself to listening to the Word of God, to reading it. And I return once more to that advice: always keep a handy copy of the Gospel with you, a pocket edition of the Gospel, in your pocket, in your purse … and then, read a short passage every day, so that you become used to reading the Word of God, understanding well the seed that God offers you, and thinking with what soil do I receive it. Faith in God asks us to renew every day the choice of good over evil, the choice of the truth rather than lies, the choice of love for our neighbour over selfishness. Indeed, these people, listening to his preaching, repented and changed their lives. Saint Peter's Square Sunday, 25 October 2020 . In today’s Gospel passage (cf. Dear Brothers and Sisters, Good morning! Give me the grace to be a good Christian”. And the sea carries me a little farther away in my thoughts: to Istanbul. I offer my encouragement to those who work in tourism, particularly small family businesses and young people. After the Angelus the Holy Father continued: Dear brothers and sisters, there has been worrying news of conflicts in the area of the Caucasus. Cos'è l'Angelus. Another possibility: we may receive the Word of God like rocky ground, with little soil. After the Angelus the Holy Father continued: Dear brothers and sisters, there has been worrying news of conflicts in the area of the Caucasus. Embracing the Word of God therefore, means embracing the personage of Christ; of Christ himself. This is the image of those who receive the Word of God with momentary enthusiasm, which however, remains superficial; it does not assimilate the Word of God. The pandemic has harshly struck this sector that is so important to many countries. Saint Peter's SquareSunday, 27 September 2020. And I greet the pilgrims from Siena who have come to Rome on foot. May the Virgin Mary, perfect model of good and fertile soil, help us, with her prayer, to become willing soil without thorns or rocks, so that we may bear good fruit for ourselves and for our brothers and sisters. But conversion, changing the heart, is a process, a process that purifies us from moral encrustations. I greet all of you, the faithful from Rome and pilgrims from various countries, in particular, the families from the Focolari Movement. In this way, at the first difficulty, such as a discomfort or disturbance in life, that still-feeble faith dissolves, as the seed that falls among the rocks withers. I wish everyone a happy Sunday, Please do not forget to pray for me. And I would like to underscore this word, “grace”. Because conversion is always a grace. We can also — a third possibility that Jesus mentions in the parable — receive the Word of God like ground where thorny bushes grow. There are so many different flags! With this simple example, Jesus wants to go beyond a religion understood only as an external and habitual practice, which does not affect people’s lives and attitudes, a superficial religiosity, merely “ritual”, in the ugly sense of the word. 21:28-32). Thinking about God’s patience is wonderful! Conversion is a grace we must always ask for: “Lord, give me the grace to improve. Do I resemble the path, the rocky ground, the bramble bush? Jesus tells them: “the tax collectors, meaning the sinners, and the harlots go into the kingdom of God before you”. Obedience does not consist in saying “yes” or “no”, but always in taking action, in cultivating the vineyard, in bringing about the Kingdom of God, in doing good. Enjoy your lunch. There are several different ways to receive the Word of God. Today is also World Tourism Day. After praying the Angelus, the Holy Father continued: Dear brothers and sisters, the International Day of the Sea falls on this second Sunday in July. Enjoy your lunch. Thank you! And I now greet you, dear faithful of Rome and pilgrims from various parts of Italy and the world. Let us think of Matthew, for example. I extend warm greetings to all those who work at sea, especially those who are far from their loved ones and their country. There the seeds spring up quickly, but they also soon wither away, because they are unable to sink roots to any depth. A grace that God offers to anyone who opens up and converts to him. This affirmation must not lead us to think that those who do not follow God’s commandments, those who do not follow morality, saying, “In any case, those who go to Church are worse than us”, do well. Beset by lots of small talk, by many ideologies, by continuous opportunities for distraction inside and outside the home, we can lose our zest for silence, for reflection, for dialogue with the Lord, to the point that we risk losing our faith, not receiving the Word of God, as we are seeing everything, distracted by everything, by worldly things. Lk 15:7). v. 31). I pray for peace in the Caucasus and I ask the parties in conflict to perform concrete acts of good will and brotherhood that may lead to resolve the problems, not with the use of force and arms, but through dialogue and negotiation. This would be distraction, a great danger of our time. Thank you for what you have done, and for what you are doing.

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