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a truth that’s told with bad intent – Taronews

a truth that’s told with bad intent

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how to be a maudlin cliche ridden insomniac quote William Blake. actually i love this poem. i sort of think that it is “like a rolling stone” of its day. i’m sure there are millions of comparisons between Zimmy and Blake but it has always intrigued me how similar they are. and also PJ Harvey has got to have Blakeian root systems or since i’m overtired i could say Blake is a rhizome linking Zimmy, PJ, jim White and I’d add Cat Power, Baudelaire, Rimbaud and some Patti Smith I’m sure there are more but I’m tired and three people know what I’m trying to say. But the rhizome was one of my favorite philosophical metaphors that and a “body without organs” which comes from the same tag team of Deleuze and Guattari.

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A true legend

NEW GLASGOW Courtney Malcolm and Jean Beliveau renewed acquaintances yesterday.

Bealiveau, the Montreal Canadiens’ great who is the marquee guest at the Weeks Sports Celebrity Golf Tounrament, dropped in to the Pictou County Sports Heritage Hall of Fame yesterday, and recognized a jersey worn by Malcolm in an old picture from his junior days with the Trois Riviere Reds.

Malcolm was a third line winger back then and property of the New York Rangers, while Beliveau was well, he was Jean Beliveau, who would go on to become a bonifide hockey legend in a storied career.

“He said, “geez, I know that uniform’ and I said, ‘you should’,” said Malcolm.

Beliveau, who won 10 Stanley Cups as a player with Montreal and another seven as an executive with the club, will turn 77 next month.

He says the future is in good hands with Bob Gainey running the show in Montreal, and would love to see the general manager bring Mats Sundin into the fold, to get that big centreman the Habs covet.

“If we could get Sundin, that would solve one of our problems,” said Beliveau.

The pressures of the fish bowl life that comes with playing in hockey mad Montreal isn’t easy, he noted, but “pressure is part of life for professional athletes, and nobody handles pressure the same way. It’s tough for some, for others it’s not so tough.”