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Visita del Presidente Giunta Regionale Emilia Romagna Stefano Bonaccini con la Proprietà Laminam 29-03-2016

31 Marzo 2016

Borgo Val di Taro PR Stabilimento Ceramico Laminam Borgo Val di Taro PR Visita del Presidente insieme alla Giunta Regionale Emilia Romagna Stefano Bonaccini con la Proprietà,e i Sindaci del Comprensorio Martedì 29-03-2016

Alta Valtaro Borgo Val di Taro Eventi Interviste

Conferenza Stampa Premio Letterario la Quara Parma 17-03-2016

22 Marzo 2016

Parma. Presso la Sede di Intesa Sanpaolo a Palazzo Sanvitale Terza edizione del Premio La Quara , da oggi il via alle iscrizioni GIOVEDI 17 MARZO Terza edizione per il premio letterario per short stories “La Quara”, organizzato da Biblioteca Manara e Comune di Borgo Val di Taro, con il sostegno della Valtarese Foundation di […]

Alta Valtaro Borgo Val di Taro Conferenze Stampa Cultura Interviste Libri

Once again, in case you are travelling to a cold destination

20 Marzo 2016

The Year of Tourism programme was launched by Tourism Minister Kelvin Davis and China Minister of Culture and Tourism Luo Shugang behind closed doors at Te Papa. The official opening ceremony for the programme was planned to take place last month, but was delayed. The delay was put down to scheduling, but many including the […]


25° Gemellaggio Charlenton Le Pont – Borgotaro 11-03-2016

18 Marzo 2016

Borgo Val di Taro PR 25° Gemellaggio Chareton le Pont Borgotaro 2016

Alta Valtaro Borgo Val di Taro Borgotaro Europa Eventi Ricorrenze Storia

He doesn bother to bite your jugular like a lion, say

16 Marzo 2016

Win a few, lose a few. Some galas are thought provoking or entertaining, and a handful are truly glamorous or genuinely inspiring. Truth is, most of the guests would rather be home watching TV dildos dildos, but they show up to support the cause, to support a friend’s cause, or just to network. wholesale dildos […]


Due Vie per Ricordare due Grandi Giornaliste Ilaria – Marilisa Borgotaro 05-03-2016

10 Marzo 2016

Borgotaro: due vie per ricordare due grandi giornaliste La festa della donna non è solo mimosa e cene con le amiche. E’ il momento in cui si ricorda, più di quanto si dovrebbe ricordare comunque ogni giorno, quanto per le donne la strada sia sempre stata in salita, e quante conquiste sono state fatte, a […]

Alta Valtaro Borgo Val di Taro Eventi Interviste Personaggi Ricorrenze

In order to feel good, we need to relax

9 Marzo 2016

Sex should make all parties involved feel good, physically and emotionally. In order to feel good, we need to relax. But how can we relax if we preoccupied with the way our thighs look from a certain angle, or if we wondering if we making the “right” kinds of sounds, or if we worried about […]


”There are guys who can’t coach much

8 Marzo 2016

An ounce of cheese flavored sandwich crackers two crackers with peanut butter filling in between has 15 grams of net carbs per ounce. If you following a very low carb diet like an Atkins 20 induction diet a single ounce of flavored crackers will take up at least three quarters of your carb allowance for […]


Frequency of cleaning will depend on your environment

7 Marzo 2016

One thing a couple can do is get informed. After cancer is confirmed, read up on it and learn the different methods of treatment. By the time you go to your first doctors appointment you know the questions that are needed to be asked. After it begins to scab over, applications of vitamin can facilitate […]


In 1774, Madison took a seat on the local Committee of Safety,

2 Marzo 2016

First. Culture is a very tricky word; when people use it, it because they have a specific kind of culture in mind, that means “all the other ones don really count the same”. That not bad human hair wigs, it a natural thing for humans to do, but it just something to be heavily aware […]