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Both times I was playing a game, and had the screen go dark, (DVI no signal message from monitor) and upon restart, I was given the option to resume and that my system was shut down because the battery was low. So I’m sort of suspecting that, however the things I came up with as […]


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The more that our conscious attention and heartfelt feeling energy are recoiled in various kinds of distracting egocentric self involvement, the less conscious attention and heartfelt feeling energy we have available to detect subtle impressions intuitively arising from deeper levels of our own real individual being, beyond the ego, as well as relational insights arising […]


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OP here. The sticky post listing IOTA partners and industry connections is great but didn’t satisfy my OCD. I felt too many details were missing and therefore created a hopefully complete resource. If noise is all it needs to bring Parliament, and thereby a government, to standstill, despite its large majority, the Congress will see […]